Jordan or LeBron: The Debate Rages On

By: Marquise Lee

As we embark on another NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, an all too familiar conversation comes up once again. Who’s the greatest basketball player of all time LeBron or Michael ? Kobe or Magic? Ok. Maybe no one debates Kobe vs. Magic, but really is that a conversation that couldn’t be had?

Mostly people debate LeBron vs Jordan. Who’s better? It’s probably the world’s second biggest argument after President Trump and the election results. And a lot like Trump supporters versus actual humans with common sense, you will not move a Jordan fan off their position. A LeBron fan would fight you just to prove LeBron is the best ever.

So here; I will settle the debate once and for all.

LeBron is a better basketball player. He’s bigger, faster, and stronger. And Jordan fans it’s ok to admit it. Really, it is. It doesn’t make Jordan’s career any less spectacular. It doesn’t take away anything he did. Not the rings. Not the flu game, not the non-call on the push off on Byron Russell in 1998. None of it.

LeBron is just an evolution of the game. He’s the smart phone. Jordan is the flip phone. Both very great inventions and had very big impacts in their time, but eventually the industry outgrew it.

Guess what? One day LeBron will get old and some kid that’s in rec league right now (Probably LeBron James Jr. or a member of the Ball family. I’m kidding) will take over the basketball world and we will be reminiscing on the days of the good ol’ smart phone while we try and figure out this hologram in our dang wrist to talk to our grandchildren about how this player will never be Jordan or LeBron.

A lot of our fathers think that Dr. J or Magic, or Bird was actually the greatest and a lot of our grandfathers will swear by Wilt or Bill Russell. That’s cause that is who they saw growing up. That’s who captivated their hearts and made them want to play. That’s who they wanted to be. No way is Jordan better than the Iceman George Gervin. Wilt averaged 50 points a game one year let’s see Jordan do that!

These players learned from the generation before them. They developed their skills by watching their heroes skills then perfected it. LeBron even mentioned it last week after eclipsing Jordan’s playoff points mark. It’s happened before it will happen again.

It’s such a stupid argument anyways. They play different positions, and played in different eras of the game. LeBron would be a center in the 60 and 70s, and borderline in the 80s.

The point is the game will get better.

The kids will look at everyone who played before them and will get better at those skills. And we will always debate forever in time about who’s the greatest. All while forgetting who our favorite players learned from.

So who’s the greatest basketball player of all time? No One. We only have greats of their generation.