To Trade or Not To Trade

by @rogcast81

Well, most Tigers fans want to sell, sell, sell to trim payroll and rebuild for the future. But what if I told you, the Tigers could grab a centerfielder to help them solidify a run towards the AL Central title and beyond? What if I told you he was on the cheap and under club control for two years?  And, what if I told you he was an All-Star?

Florida Marlin Marcell Ozuna is on the block as well as his teammates according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports. Ozuna makes just $3.5 million this year and has two years left in arbitration. His numbers are respectable: .329/.392/.569 this season with 15 home runs on the season and a WAR of 2.6. If you look at the Tigers centerfielders this season, here’s how they stack up:

Tyler Collins: .200/.288/.338 WAR 0.0 (DFA, resigned by the Tigers and headed back in Toledo)

JaCoby Jones: .137/.228/.255 WAR 0.2 (Sent back to Toledo)

Alex Presley: .261/.346/.435 WAR 0.00

So, you are asking, okay, who are the Tigers going to give up?

Well, the Marlins have a talented infield of Gordon, Prado, (currently on the DL), Justin Bour and Realmuto behind the plate but, the Marlins could deal anyone for the right price as their farm system is ranked No. 29 in the league according to Keith Law.

Here are some names in the Tigers system that could help the Marlins strengthen their farm system and the Tigers to get bolster its roster.

Bryan Garcia-Lakeland Flying Tigers

Garcia has been tearing thru A-ball and the former University of Miami closer could fetch some value in the market. With A.J Ramos getting older and the Marlins lacking some bullpen depth, Garcia would fit.

Buck Farmer

With Marlins starters hitting the DL, Farmer could fill in and be an effective starter in the NL. He has proven so far, this season at least, to be able to pitch. The Marlins do not have any go to starters in their system that are ready.

Beau Burrows-Erie SeaWolves

Ok, he just made it to Erie and I will probably get a lot of crap for this, but, if the Tigers are serious about contention, you must give up a top arm. Burrows has a makeup to be a No. 1 or 2 starter, something the Marlins do not have.

Mike Gerber-Erie Seawolves

Currently batting .303, Gerber has hit in all levels and is not too far away from the majors. It gives a OF to replace Ozuna and if the Marlins are going to just sell the team anyways, might as well give him some at-bats in the major-league level.

I have gone back and forth about this because the Tigers may not have pieces to trade for Ozuna. But if they are going to stick around in the AL Central race and be cost-effective about it, this could be an option to consider. It does not subtract any payroll off the current roster however, if the Tigers with Marcell Ozuna in the line-up and do not trade JD Martinez, it would be tough to pitch around.

Now about that bullpen…