Sports Radio Detroit Becomes First Podcast Partner with the Detroit Sports Media Association

Earlier this week, Sports Radio Detroit and The Detroit Sports Media Association reached a partnership that will help the DSMA grow into the podcasting scene.

Formally the Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association, Detroit Sports Media Association has looked to expand into new mediums. The partnership with SRD will help cultivate and usher that journey. The partnership will be a full service effort to help the DSMA and its members fit comfortably into the podcasting world.

“It’s a tremendous honor for SRD, which is now in its fifth year as a podcasting group, for our podcasters to work with Detroit Sports Media Association. And now to become active members as well as continuing to grow as a site is something unimaginable entirely,” co-owner Roger Castillo said. “We’re beyond thrilled.

“As the official podcast partner as we work in assisting future broadcasters, and providing assisting DSMA members in podcasting efforts.”