The Set Piece Deep End 2.3 & 4

The Set Piece Deep End – 2.3 & 4
Cristiano Ronaldo: Part Man, Part Spray Tan, All Footballer

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world’s most well-known athletes. This piece is an interesting look at his evolution from the pimply teenager with a thousand step overs to the super model impregnating, egocentric, goal machine that has spray tanned his way to the top of world football.

Bros Being Bros
Bros will be bros. Neymar and the Barca gang get together at Neymar’s digs shortly after is record-breaking transfer to PSG for a little kid birthday and was boy the Spanish media mad about it!
Speaking of Neymar (and bros being bros), have a look at what these jerks were up to last weekend during a Friday Night game against Lyon. Keep in mind that this is a TIE GAME at this point. This is how little PSG actually has to try in their domestic league. Looking at you French football…

Continuing the story, apparently the bros needed to be separated in the locker after the game prompting our boy Neymar to call the club chairman with some transfer advice.
In the spirit of good old fashioned teamwork, here’s a clip of Graeme LeSoiux of NBC Sports fighting one of his teammates during a game.

And finally, what do you do after you throw a bitch fit to your boss to try and get somebody thrown off your team even though you won 2-0 just because you didn’t get to take all the free kicks ?
The answer, of course, is to head to London to kick it with another emotionally stunted 14-year old boy (Lewis Hamilton) and a ton of models (also probably emotionally stunted at age 14) at a lingerie party… leaving the grown ups to sort crap out.
THAT, my friends, is how it’s done.
We just want to know one thing… Where the hell was Bieber that night??
DCFC Hits the Big Time… Sort of
This article looks at what might be next for Detroit’s favorite minor league soccer team. This is truly an exciting time for soccer in Detroit,although recent developments involving the NASL taking it in the face from the USSF may prove to be problematic. Tune in to the next pod for more on that one though.
A Mario Balotelli Update
This is still simply the greatest highlight of the young European football campaign. Mario Balotelli proves again why he really is the best thing that world football has to offer by single-handedly making the bullcrap UEFA Champions League qualifiers into something actually interesting.
Arsenal Fan TV: The Gift that Keeps on Giving
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Arsenal Fan TV…