Out of Bounds Detroit 181 – Natalie Imbruglia’s Wormhole

Dan and Dave are a duo today for some Detroit Sports LOVE! We open the show a little late since we had to finish watching the Pistons’ big win in Boston. The Stones are showing us an identity and it’s really fun. But can they get us to Christmas like this? We have a bit of a crisis here at Sports Radio Detroit as Dan extends an olive branch to one of our colleagues. What the hell is Natalie Imbruglia up to these days and is she still hot? We go over the Lions’ franchise trajectory over their history after another organization defining loss to the Vikings on Thanksgiving day. We give you 4th and Medium. And this Greg Schiano situation at Tennessee is a complete s**t show.

180 Will We Really Have A Happy Thanksgiving?

Dan, Dave, Geoff, and Mike are all here since Thursday is Thanksgiving. Geoff still doesn’t think the Lions are that bad, while Dan is convinced they can’t beat anybody of consequence playing the way that they have. Jim Harbaugh gets embarrassed by yet another ranked opponent. Is anybody tired of that yet?! The Power Rangers are climbing slippery stairs in Japan. We give you our picks for this week, and do 4th and Medium all in the same action packed show!

179 Super Teams vs Parody (A Nation Has Spoken…I Think)

Dan and Dave are a duo today as Geoff is at home rubbing his girlfriend’s feet before she goes out of town. Which is better: the “parody” of the NFL or the “Super Teams” of the NBA? America is answering this question as we speak, and the answer may surprise you. The Lions’ performance against the Browns on Sunday may be showing us what to expect moving forward. Can the Pistons’ ceiling really move up? We quickly give you some sick and disturbing details about how Larry Nasser operated his sexual assault assembly line using the culture of US gymnastics to his advantage. And does anybody else LOVE that Jerry Jones is challenging Roger Goodell?

178 Sweaty and Chunky

Dan, Dave, and Geoff are back after missing Monday’s show due to some little football game going on the evening or something. We open the show to recap the Lions’ “resurgence” against the fighting Hundleys at Lambeau Field. The Pistons are 8-3?! What the hell does that mean since the NBA season doesn’t really start until Christmas. We tell you all of the things that Sammy Sosa is whiter than, and give you a special College Only edition of the picks with tons of de facto playoff games taking place this weekend.

177 Did Sam Martin Try to Punt a Conch Shell?

Dan, Dave, and Geoff are here! We finally get a chance to go over Michigan’s “win” over Rutgers and the Brandon Peters hype train. We get Dave’s take on his Spartans almost winning a game they had no business winning. Can they really beat Penn State?…NO! Tony Paul from the Detroit News is awake this week and joins us to talk the thriller of a World Series we just witnessed, Tigers, and Kevin Spacey! Don’t miss this one, guys! Our apologies for the late posting….It’s Dan’s fault.