Out of Bounds Detroit Episode 152-Click Bait Monday

Dan, Dave, and Mike are here. Dan got sucked in by some click bait regarding the conspiracy theory over the death of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. It's a doozy. A USA today writer sucked us in with some more click bait about the projected record of your Detroit Lions in 2017. It's getting close to the trade deadline in major league baseball. What is the future for JV? … [Read more...]

SRD Roadshow Episode 70-The 313 Freeze

The crew discusses the fall of Hugh Freeze, OJ Simpson, Kyrie Irving wanting out of Cleveland and Ben talks about his blackjack strategy. From Saturday, July 22nd.   … [Read more...]

Sports Radio Detroit Becomes First Podcast Partner with the Detroit Sports Media Association

Earlier this week, Sports Radio Detroit and The Detroit Sports Media Association reached a partnership that will help the DSMA grow into the podcasting scene. Formally the Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association, Detroit Sports Media Association has looked to expand into new mediums. The partnership with SRD will help cultivate and usher that journey. The partnership will be … [Read more...]

The Laugh Track-Dunkirk Post Movie Review

Literally right after they watched the movie, The Laugh Track give their review on "Dunkirk" (Spoilers)   … [Read more...]

Out of Bounds Detroit Episode 151- Juice is Loose & Dave Likes a Big Caboose

FINALLY! It's Dan, Dave, and Geoff for the first time in over a month, and there is a lot to discuss. We give you our thoughts on OJ's parole hearing and give you some classic audio from Juice. The Browns' football stadium may be a fire hazard. We debate the type of chicks that Dave is into, and even give him a little test. JD Martinez is gone, and ya'll need to calm down about … [Read more...]