CASTILLO: Summer Piston Activity

by Roger Castillo (@rogcast81)

The NBA Summer League in Orlando ended on July 12 with the Pistons losing the Miami Heat 90-85. This was the first chance to to see what the Pistons first round pick (eight overall) Kentavious Caldwell-Pope could bring to the table. It was also a chance to see what most fans wanted to see as the first round pick, Trey Burke, a pick later. Let’s take a snap shot and guess who had the better summer league so far.




It might come as a surprise, but the first one belongs to Pope. He went 7-31 from behind the arc while Burke went a horrible 1-19.  I know, this is just the summer league and fans should wait until November to draw any type of conclusion. However these stats mean something, Pope can score, which was an attractive feature that Pistons General Manager Joe Dumars coveted.

Bringing the band back together:

In a move that was once rumor during the NBA Draft came to fruition last week when the Pistons brought back Rasheed Wallace as a assistant coach to Maurice Cheeks’ staff. While he was in Portland, Wallace was coached by Cheeks and now will be tasked with helping the big men continue developing their game. I think he will help bring fans back to the Palace as well.  You might ask ” how will a assistant coach do that?”  Well with quotes like this, it’s easy to see why.

“When I was playing, I had that passion and fire, cussing everybody out, but I had the opportunity to change that being out on the floor. But now that I’m coach, I can still have my passion, but I just have to tone it down. I can’t make the difference now. I can talk junk, but I can’t back it up,” Wallace said.

Another old familiar face the Pistons brought back from the 2004 championship team is Chauncey Billups.  Andre Drummond did a classy thing and gave him his number one back, while Drummond will now wear the number 0.

This move has some pros and cons to it. It helps the Pistons backcourt with a veteran point guard that could mentor Brandon Knight.  The con is can he stay healthy enough to even make a impact?  Since leaving the Knicks in 2011 where in his last season there, he played just 21 games, he played a total of  42 games for the LA Clippers in two seasons.  The Pistons have now Billups, Knight, Bynum, Pope, Siva and Stuckey on the roster at guard so it’s easy to expect that one or two of those guards should be on the move.

The biggest move however, came with the signing of Josh Smith at 4 years and $54 million. Simply put: I like the move. It instantly gives the Pistons one of the most formidable front courts in the NBA. Does it make them a instant contender? No, because we have to see what version of Josh Smith the Pistons get. He can go inside or outside. Playing in Atlanta may of soured him a bit as the fan base is really fickle, so perhaps a change of scenery will help Smith find his old self. Either way, it was a bold move by the Pistons. For once, I am glad it was not just a way to waste salary cap space. He can be an impact and with the right guard combo, and he can be a good interior presence or on a kick out down low. He can even go out to the perimeter and knock down a few shots.

Last but not least, Luigi Datome ( oh, the Super Mario Bros references will fly) was signed to be a backup small forward from the Italian League where he won the 2012 MVP with Virtus Roma. He is 6-foot-9 220 pounds, and he can shoot from long range. This was a different move by Joe Dumars.  A lot of teams like Milwaukee, Houston and Boston were interested in Datome so it will interesting to see how the Pistons can utilize him. With this move, I hope the Pistons wave bye bye to Charlie Villanueva and his expiring deal and add an additional piece to solidify this team as a playoff contender.

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CASTILLO: Fantasy Football is Just Around the Corner

by Roger Castillo (@rogcast81)

With training camp just around the corner, that means fantasy football is too. Every year, there are new football fans joining the ranks of fantasy football. Within a few weeks, you are going to see on our site charts and podcasts going over fantasy football.

If you are new and not sure what league means what, here’s a quick guide. With Yahoo!, ESPN, CBS Sports and all offering leagues, you want to make sure you want to find the right league for you.

Head-to-Head Leagues
In head-to-head leagues, a team matches up versus a different team each week. The team who receives the most points of the two receives a win for that particular week. Points are dictated by the scoring system that is either standard set by the website or custom set by the commissioner. A team’s total is the sum of all players points in the starting lineup. The win-loss record is the most important statistic in head-to-head leagues, as it directly correlates with the league champion. Teams with the best win-loss record advance to the playoffs. If two teams have the same record, the tie-breaker is then decided by the total points scored in the regular season of the two (or more) tied teams. Further tie-breakers can be added based on league preference.

Total Points Leagues
Total points leagues are leagues in which teams accumulate points on an ongoing basis. The league standings are determined by the teams’ total points rather than their win-loss record. The teams who accrue the highest total of points throughout the duration of the NFL-regular season advance to the playoffs.

Dynasty “Keeper” Leagues
A dynasty “Keeper” style fantasy football league is a league where you retain most or all of your players from year to year. This creates an environment which is very different from that of a redraft league. In such leagues, the type of players available in the yearly draft is focused more towards rookies with long-term potential.

Salary Cap Leagues
The salary cap football league is a particular type of dynasty league which adds another factor of realism similar to the NFL: the salary cap. Just like in the NFL, this means each player has an associated salary and the total spent on all the players on a team has a maximum – the “salary cap.” This can have many levels of complexity, e.g. a player may be signed for multiple years, etc.

GMs nominate players (in order) to be bid on by all GMs in the league. Each franchise has a cap (standard is $200) that they can spend on their entire roster. This is the fastest growing format of fantasy football.
( source

Some leagues have individual defensive players, while others and most leagues, use team defenses.

Coming up August 1st, will come out with the top 30 for each position so you can be ready to draft for your league.

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