The Laugh Track: Apes, Okja, Anime, Blu-rays and more! WNC 7/13-7/19

All of the films and TV shows the guys watched over the week, with a very special guest! … [Read more...]

Mitten Sports Talk-New logo, Same 3 Dudes

From Sunday, July 16th. The guys go over the Calvin Johnson saga, the Tigers outlook after the All-Star Break and Jeramy has a surprise for the guys come fall. … [Read more...]


It's a Mail It In Saturday as we are on our way to vacation. it was only Quise and Jason they talked Twitter beefs Floyd/Conor, ESPYs, Quise has a movie idea And Mike Valenti possibly going to New York. … [Read more...]

Out of Bounds Detroit Episode 150 Dave: The Show Punching Bag Explained

Dan, Dave, and Mike are back. How hot is Alison Brie? Office Hot? Girl Next Door Hot? Smokin' Hot? The Red Wings have a special gift for it's wonderful fanbase, and no, it's not a better hockey team. Floyd and Conor are still at it, thank God! Which one had the more offensive, politically incorrect statements about the other? Of course we will go there! What do you think this … [Read more...]

Counting Tracks Episode 1-The Beatles

Welcome to the first episode of Counting Tracks, where we go over our favorite album or albums and we talk about the history of music.  This debut features West of Woodward blogger and Voice of the Turtle podcast host, Hookslide. We talk about where it may gotten started for some folks, the Beatles and what albums Hook loves and Roger, the newer fan, dig. … [Read more...]