The Set Piece – 2.14 – Sturridge went where?!!?

The January transfer window has shut in Europe and there are many more old faces in new places than we are used to.  The guys pick and choose their favorite moves and celebrate one of their favorites finding a new home.
The crew also gives some TLC to the European leagues and breakdown this week’s Champions League knockout fixtures, which may hold dire consequences for Zinedine Zidane and his reign in Madrid.
USSF chooses their new Supreme Leader, Adam Lallana allegedly hates kids, Pogba goes emo and more medium spice beef on the Romance Edition of the Set Piece.

Newburgh vs Six Mile (Livonia Hockey Clash)

Livonia Stevenson takes on cross-city rival Churchill.

Click the link to listen live.

Pucking Around – Snowed In, Honesty In The East, and Boston Strong?

This week, on Pucking Around, Jason and Franchise dig themselves out of Snowmageddon 2018 to discuss the New York Rangers honest reach out to their fans and the Boston Bruins surprising stretch of possibly unexplainable victories.


SRD Roadshow Episode 94-2 Eagles,1 Cup

Jamie joins up as she avoids all the snow that has hit southeastern Michigan and the guys discuss the storm during the Ramble.

In the HORSE segment, the crew discusses who made it out during the trade deadline in the NBA, how much did the Pistons get and did the Lakers make out well.

3rd segment kicks off with the presser for Matt Patricia and Eagle fans celebrating…uniquely and in Dueling Mics, Jamie starts off under .500 and more clickbait theater.

Super 10 Special-Stevenson vs Detroit Catholic Central

Stevenson heads to USA Arena as the Spartans take on Number 1 in Division 1, Detroit Catholic Central.

Click the link to listen live: