The Wrestling Fans – Did The Mae Young Classic Live Up To The Hype

In the latest edition of The Wrestling Fans, Adam, Ben and Marty step into the squared circle to discuss the sudden passing of Bobby "the Brain" Heenan (1:37), Asuka vacating the NXT Title and joining the main roster (5:43), What's next for Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly (10:53), Paige is rumored to be back in the WWE (15:18), The Mae Young Classic (20:50), Sexy Star … [Read more...]

Lions SRD – Two and Woah

In the latest edition of Lions SRD, Ben flies solo as Marty is on a bye week. Join Ben as he gives his thoughts on if the Lions are for real, and as he recaps the Monday Night Football game against the Giants. … [Read more...]

Out of Bounds Detroit 166 Being Passionate Yet Patient…We Can Do It.

Dan, Dave, and Mike welcome Chris Castellani who is the co-host of To the Whistle on 101.1 The Beat to discuss his passionate Tigers' post game twitter videos, and the state of the team as he sees it. NEW FLASH...the Tigers are bad! But first we discuss how bad the Packers would really be without Aaron Rodgers, why country music haters are ignorant (I feel like we've discussed … [Read more...]

SRD Roadshow-Robots in Disguise, Part 2

From Saturday, September 16th. Chrissy from Roger's old Halo LAN party days comes in to sub in as Ben and Mike P are out. Ray Vipond, our boxing expert, comes talks about GGG vs Canelo.  The crew talks week one in the NFL, Kevin Durant and him not letting it go and Mike Proe and Roger argue adult robots being hacked. … [Read more...]

Lions SRD – Where The (Kasey) Redfern Grows

In the latest edition of Lions SRD, Ben and Marty digest and discuss the start of the season (1:50), The Lions defense causing turnovers (4:35), Kenny Golladay emerged from his silence in the pre-season (8:45), Greg Robinson and Rick Wagner's debut (16:31), The Lions still lack a run game (22:00), Miles Killebrew building off last year (24:50), The Giants looking very, very … [Read more...]