Mitten Sports Talk-The U is back

Jack is back as the guys talk the big weekend in college football and how it shapes up the playoff race.

The Laugh Track MEGA JUSTICE LEAGUE episode

The guys are heading into see Justice League. See if they are pumped or skeptical?

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Alex Hyde’s Pointless Podcast:

The Laugh Track Reviews-Murder on the Orient Express

The guys review the latest remake, “Murder on the Orient Express”


The Set Piece 2.8 – I LOVE THIS GAME!

Patrice Evra may be in the twilight of his soccer career but after his picture perfect side kick, we might see him in next year’s Kumite.
In addition to “the kick heard round the world” we also check in on Jozy Altidore, showing much more fight than he did in Trinidad, whip around Europe and finally see what show favorite Hope Solo is up to on this week’s installment of The Set Piece.

The Wrestling Fans – Alpha vs Omega

The Wrestling Fans once again walk down the aisle and step into the squared circle to discuss:

The lack of leadership within TNA/ Impact Wrestling (1:00)

Cody Rhodes is only defending his title against “jobbers” (12:50)

A Mike Bennett update (16:40)

Promotions using social media for promos (18:50)

The WWE released some performers (24:00)

Title’s changing hands on TV (28:50)

A WWE Diva might return to the ring (36:05)

Chris Jericho is spearheading Sea of Honor (38:53)

Jericho vs Omega (42:35)