Lions SRD – Lambeau Leap For Joy

In the latest edition of Lions SRD, Ben and Marty discuss the Detroit Lions Monday Night Football victory over the Green Bay Packers and if that’s bittersweet with Aaron Rodgers being injured (1:50), The Lions are still having issues of running the football (7:30), the red zone woes continue (10:05), are you happy with a 4-4 record after eight games (15:55), the Lions recorded an impressive stat that you wouldn’t expect (25:00), Could this be the week Taylor Decker returns (27:55), Browns quick recap (32:00), Does Teddy Bridgewater’s pending return give you pause to the Lions making a comeback to the NFC North (43:10).

Tigers SRD-Whitaker’s Woes

Brandon Day from Bless You joins Roger and Chris on the podcast as the guys talk Lou Whitaker getting left out of the Modern Day Hall of Fame vote, a World Series recap and all the new managers in the Tigers minor league system.

The Laugh Track-Conspiracy Theories

Rotten Tomatoes recap. Conspiracy Theories we want to be movies. Winners and Losers of topical events.

Nathan Baker as a guest.

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Alex Hyde’s Pointless Podcast:

The Whip and Neigh Neigh Podcast-The Breeders Cup

Pete and Ryan are back to breakdown Breeders Cup weekend from Del Mar!  The boys concentrate on the Sentient Jet for 2 million dollars, and the Classic for 6 million.

Fanarchy-Snorkel Oral

Quise and Angie are having parenting issues, Quise vs Eric Ebron,  Bob McNair thinks his players are inmates, David Stern says weed should be in the NBA, week 8 Picks and Wilson watches the Halle Berry Scene in Monsters Ball for the first time