Red Wings Preview: Going Streaking or Going Home?

Last year was what has become a normal year for the Detroit Red Wings: they were one of the last teams to qualify for the playoffs and were sent home in the first round. It was the third consecutive year the Red Wings got booted out of the playoffs in the first round and the fourth time in the last five seasons. Heading into the 2016-17 season, the belief in the Red Wings … [Read more...]

After Dominating In Conference Opener, Michigan’s Season Becoming Clear

Even if you’re still playing an inferior opponent, conference games tend to be more nerve-racking. They have a higher chance of being closer as the belittled opponent still knows what the big dog is all about. Which is why I wanted to wait until conference play began to really judge the Michigan Wolverines. And even though Penn State looks like a four or five win team, there … [Read more...]

After Two Games We Know Michigan is Good, But Not Great

  Two weeks into the season and two cupcake games later we know little about the Michigan Wolverines football team. It is very hard to truly judge a high caliber team when they play such inferior teams. It is comparable to NFL preseason games. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take anything away from Michigan’s first two contests against Hawaii and Central … [Read more...]

Red Wings Aren’t Clipped Without Stamkos

Steven Stamkos will not be coming to Detroit. Instead, the much sough after free agent has opted to stay in Tampa Bay where he can sign for an extra year and not have to pay state income taxes. Whether or not those were the deciding factors for the superstar center, we may never know. But according to an ESPN source the contract is worth an average of $8.5 million annually. … [Read more...]

Tiger Pause For Concern

From May 3 all the way up to May 14 the Detroit Tigers had won just one game; a Tuesday night in our nation’s capital where the Tigers managed to scrap their way to a one run win. But through that 1-11 stretch, the Tigers had lost by four or more runs a staggering seven times. People were getting ready to write the team off. Fans were digging in their heels for another long … [Read more...]