Norwayne Boxing Gym Gives Local Youth Fighting Chance

Typically when a person visualizes the idea of a boxing gym, their mind paints a picture which likely resembles the old gym that Rocky called home in the classic film series. It's dark, dingy and full of guys grinding their way to a title. Others may think of the more modernized, fun, loud, and bright fitness-style cardio gyms that have gained an immense amount of popularity in … [Read more...]

Punch/ Counter-Punch: Mayweather vs McGregor

When deciding how to construct a proper point/counterpoint article breaking down the upcoming Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight, I contemplated an array of options, but ultimately settled on an approach that I find to be direct, efficient, and downright fun. I scanned MMA message boards, and found the five most common arguments that are being made that support McGregor … [Read more...]

Bantamweights Beware: Detroit’s Hottest Boxing Prospect is on the Rise

In recent years, the city of Detroit has experienced a drought in the production of world championship caliber boxers. A city once steeped in boxing history has reduced itself to an occasional shooting star without producing any real fireworks. But much like the city itself is experiencing a renaissance, so is the local boxing scene. Jarico O’Quinn intends to be the … [Read more...]

Manny Pacquiao Coming to Basic Cable, Why It’s A Big Deal

Ever since the rubber match with Timothy Bradley in April of 2016, the future and direction of Manny Pacquiao’s career seemed uncertain. Would he retire? Would he go on a world boxing tour as proposed by his promoter Bob Arum? Would he commit himself to being a full-time politician in the Philippines? His future became even more unclear when HBO declined to carry his unheralded … [Read more...]