Mitten Sports Talk-Welcome Back, Jack

Jack VanAssche officially joins the show as the guys discuss high school hockey, the Lions needs and bad should the Red Wings sell.

Fanarchy-DUI Radio

We celebrate Wilsons 42nd birthday by taking shots, we discuss the horrors of the recent snowstorm, recap the Eagles Super Bowl win, More shots, Quincy Jones’ recent interview, Mer joins us more shots and drunk NBA trade deadline talk.


Caged in the Cave-Big John MMA stops by

This episode of caged in the cave the guys welcome on Big John of Big Johns MMA. We talk about his idea of getting the promoters of Michigan to SABOTAGE one another. We also talk about the controversy at a show over the weekend and we got into the two fight cards he is throwing up north.


Caged in the Cave-Michigan’s Top MMA Fighters Breakdown

This show the guys talk about there top five prospects in each weight class throughout the state

Caged in the Cave-Cageside Management stops by

This week on Caged in the Cave we welcomed on Liam DeMond owner of Cageside management. We talked about what he’s doing over at Cageside, some of the fighters he has under the company banner and what they have going on. We also talk some of the struggles he has faced as a new management company and some of the better advice he has received from some of the guys who have been around the business a while.