It's a Mail It In Saturday as we are on our way to vacation. it was only Quise and Jason they talked Twitter beefs Floyd/Conor, ESPYs, Quise has a movie idea And Mike Valenti possibly going to New York. … [Read more...]

Caged in the Cave-WXC 69 Preview

Sunday's show was a great one and if you missed it first off shame one you secondly, we have you covered with the podcast. We welcomed on a all-star cast of fighters .Mike Johnson, Justin Street, Jordan McGuire and Michael Glenn Jr. We talked about the upcoming fights the have for Warrior Xtreme this Friday. We talked layoffs, dealing with losses and we also find out if the … [Read more...]

Caged in the Cage: Josh Brueckner and Ken Wolfmack stop by

Did you miss Sunday's show? Or did you listen and want to hear the Shenanigans again? This week's show was a good one we welcomed on Ken Wolfmack Hunt we talked to him about everything from how he got his start in MMA. Lady's and gentlemen Kens last name is hunt not wolfmack and we got the story of his nickname and we also got his thoughts on his pro debut. Our second guest was … [Read more...]

Fanarchy 6-24-17: Marvin Effing Miller

The gang at Fanarchy are back as they talk about white sports having no personality, NBA Draft Fallout, Bill Cosby, Prodigy, MLB, and some Trump stuff. … [Read more...]

Caged in the Cave- Pre-Fight Smack Talk

Did you miss Sundays show...shame on you but don't worry we have you covered as always. By far one of our favorite shows to date we started this show to cover Michigan MMA and learn about who these fighters are and we did that with this show. We were able to get 2 high level athletes in the same room without any problems probably because they are going to punch each other in … [Read more...]