Newburgh vs Six Mile (Livonia Hockey Clash)

Livonia Stevenson takes on cross-city rival Churchill.

Click the link to listen live.

Caged in the Cave-Michigan’s Top MMA Fighters Breakdown

This show the guys talk about there top five prospects in each weight class throughout the state

SRD Roadshow Episode 94-2 Eagles,1 Cup

Jamie joins up as she avoids all the snow that has hit southeastern Michigan and the guys discuss the storm during the Ramble.

In the HORSE segment, the crew discusses who made it out during the trade deadline in the NBA, how much did the Pistons get and did the Lakers make out well.

3rd segment kicks off with the presser for Matt Patricia and Eagle fans celebrating…uniquely and in Dueling Mics, Jamie starts off under .500 and more clickbait theater.

Tigers SRD-Mike Drumright was once a top 100 prospect….

Roger and Chris do a stroll down memory lane as they talk top 100 prospects new and current, anger among the players union and do they have a legit beef for it and baseball is just around the corner.

Parsons and Slow Episode 3-Post “Big Game” Follies

Who’s more annoying? I don’t care about “Sports ball” Championship Guy or I Knew The Eagles were going to win all along guy?
-Josh McDaniels: should you ever stay at your job after you’ve put in your notice?
-Dad who tried to attack Larry Nassar receives $30,000 from GoFundMe. donates it to charity.
-Super rich billionaires launching large objects into space for shits and giggles.
-Why the winter Olympics are just a hassle for everyone.
-The man who killed Osama Bin Laden calls BS on Trump’s military parade.