Red Wings SRD (April 24, 2013)

In this episode of Red Wings SRD, Mike Morland Kevin Liddy talk about the last three games of the season, if the Wings are going to squeak in or be left out and why the shootout matters for goalies.

Red WIngs SRD (April 24, 2013)

Lions SRD Live: Thursday, April 25, 7 – 8 p.m.

The NFL Draft isn’t around the corner. No, it’s more like a freight train barreling down the tracks before it heads into the station. We’re not just “another draft show,” we’re “The Other Draft Show” — Detroit Lions with a fresh perspective.

On Thursday, April 25, Lions SRD will host its first live show from 7 – 8 p.m. leading up to the first pick of the NFL Draft.

Ben Szilagy, Roger Castillo and Mike Morland will broadcast Lions SRD Live with topics including:

  • catching Lions fans up on Free agency moves
  • who should the Lions target
  • how will the top five will shake out

Interact with Mike, Ben and Roger via a live twitter (#SRDlive) where listeners can ask questions that will be answered just as quickly as we get them.


CASTILLO: Joe Dumars, Last Chance to Get Things Right

by Roger Castillo (@RogMartin81)

Lawrence Frank was fired last week after a 29-53 record this season with the Pistons. Frank was the third straight Pistons coach not to make it to the third year of his contract. A great piece by Adrian Wojnarowski on Yahoo explains that Frank was all but guaranteed a third year but Tom Gores, the man who bought him in, wasn’t going to let that happen.

But why does Joe Dumars gets to stay? Why? He built this team with bad contracts. There are some cornerstones to build around, but the rest of his draft history has been spotty at best.

I can tell you why.

Tom Gores.

Think about this for a second.

Who is up there at the Palace that really knows basketball? Gores runs Platinum Equity and he has “guys” there, but do they know the NBA? No.

Just last week, Gores stated, “We’re prepared to do what we have to do .. We want to win. You can tell the world: We’re ready to spend.”

Well that’s good, however, this is Joe Dumars spending this money. The same Joe Dumars who spent money on Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva (6.8 points this season). Villanueva has a player option for this season and many expect him to re-up with the Pistons.

Who’s Coming Back in 2013-2014?

  • Will Bynum – Highly unlikely. He’ll chase more money off the bench where a team is contending.
  • Jose Calderon – Highly unlikely. With a lack of good point guards out there, he’ll come with a high price tag.
  • Corey Maggette – Highly unlikely. He was barely used as a Piston. He’ll probably move on to his 16th team (ok, an exaggeration but he has played for a lot of times)

Jason Maxiell – Possible; a high energy guy. He fits the Dumars hustle profile and, at the right price, he can be a good back up.

Some notable NBA Free Agents

  • Chris Paul
  • Dwight Howard
  • Paul Milsap
  • O.J Mayo
  • Brandon Jennings

The ones that really stand out is Chris Paul and O.J Mayo. Paul will allow Knight to shift to shooting guard. That would allow Knight to be a kick out option for the big men below. Paul can drop it down to Monroe or Drummond. Mayo is a shooter first, but a streaky at best; but can you imagine Paul alley-oops to Drummond? That would be a great way to put the Pistons back on the map. I’m not a fan of Jennings but he is a difference maker.

We all know the Pistons are not a free agent destination. It’s not New York, Miami or Los Angeles, but Joe Dumars can’t screw this up. He can’t afford to.There are some pieces here to make this team good in a hurry. He’s the last guy at the Palace that knows what he is doing. This is his time to show the world he still has one trick left up his sleeve.

SZILAGY: Predicting the Lions 2013 season (Part 2)

by powerbooktrance (

by powerbooktrance (

Predicting the Lions 2013 Season (Part 1)

by Ben Szilagy (@BenSzilagy)

So the Lions are at 5-3. Two games above .500, and the second half the schedule and a playoff chase just beginning. As we know, teams that finish with a record of 9-7 or north of that to get in. Do the Lions?

Week Ten Away against the Bears: Revenge is a dish best served cold. And with a match up on Nov. 10 in Chicago, that’s what going to happen. The Lions won’t break the losing streak at Lambeau, but they will in the windy city. Detroit break a five-game losing streak at Soldier Field. Prediction: Lions Win (6-3)

Week Eleven Away against the Steelers: This is another coin flip game, in my opinion (as was the home opener against the Vikings). The Steelers missed the playoffs last season, but will look to redeem that with a win against the Lions. Wallace is in Miami, but Plaxico is back..and old. Brown is still around, and Sanders is too. The running game will be like last season. Prediction: Lions lose (6-4)

Week Twelve Home against the Bucs: Unless Revis Island relocates to Tampa Bay; the Lions should be able to get good match-ups downfield. The defense has proven the ability to stop the Bucs’ offense. Prediction: Lions win (7-4)

Week Thirteen Home against the Packers: It’s Thanksgiving and the Lions can’t look ahead to dinner as the Pack roll into town. The Lions lost on the road earlier in the year to Green Bay, and usually play them tough on a national stage. Like two years ago the Lions hung with the Packers until the infamous Suh stomp, unfortunately I don’t see the Lions winning here. Prediction: Lions lose (7-5)

Week Fourteen Away against the Eagles: The Lions squeaked out a win against the Eagles last year when Detroit should have lost that game. And with the thick of the playoff hunt the Eagles will need to have Vick healthy to beat the Lions. But Vick likes to miss games during seasons, and the new tempo Chip Kelly brings might prove too much in the NFL Prediction: Lions win (8-5)

Week Fifteen Home against the Ravens: MNF football against the defending Super Bowl champs AND a playoff hunt on the line? The stakes are high, and the Lions need to pull off a win. The Ravens have Flacco, but lost their spirit when Ray Lewis retired. We saw how awful the Ravens defense was without Lewis at times last year, and they lost Pollard and Ellerbe (who was supposed to replace Lewis) is gone as well. Prediction: Lions win (9-5)

Week Sixteen Home against the Giants: The Lions are sitting pretty with nine wins, but the Giants will be in a playoff race as well and need to capture wins. This game can go either way like some games in the Lions schedule to this point, but the Lions are looking for that win to push them firmly into the Wild Card. Prediction: Lions win (10-5)

Week Seventeen Away against the Vikings: This was a toss-up in week one, but in the final week and the Leos have dropped 14 of their last 15 trips to Minnesota. Home field advantage does the Lions in once again. Prediction: Lions lose (10-6).

So there you have it. The Lions go 10-6 and place themselves into wild card contention with Jim Schwartz and company proving that they can get to playoffs like they did two years ago. There is a caveat of course that many things can change, and the Lions could implode. But this year needs to be playoff or bust, and the Lions ride their offense to save Schwartz’s job.

SZILAGY: Predicting the Lions 2013 season (Part 1)

by Ben Szilagy (@BenSzilagy)

The Lions 2013-2014 schedule has been released, and it’s not pretty.

by powerbooktrance (

by powerbooktrance (

The Lions get their traditional Thanksgiving game against the Packers, who won the NFC North two seasons. Their only primetime game comes against the defending Super Bowl champs, in week 15 at Baltimore. And face the other rookie sensation in Robert Griffin III in week three.

Last season the Lions limped to a 4-12 record, and the year before were a Wild Card team. So how will the Leos fair this season?


Week One Home against the Vikings:  The Lions bolstered their running game with the free-agent signing of Reggie Bush, so the I don’t expect the Lions to finish 23rd in the league like they did last year. And, the Lions will need to run the ball better against the 11th ranked team in that department last season. However the Lions didn’t look great in week four against the purple people eaters. Hopefully that changes. Prediction: Lions win a close one. (1-0)

Week Two Away against the Cardinals: The Cardinals weren’t good last season behind spotty QB Play. In the offseason the redbirds lost Kevin Kolb, which on depending on who you talk to is addition by subtraction. But the Lions found a way to lose to the Cardinals on the road last year in a horrid game on defense Luckily the Cardinals will play Drew Stanton or a rookie at QB. Prediction: Lions win. (2-0)

Week Three Away against the Redskins: I fully expect the Lions to face a healthy and ready RGIII in week three. The Lions didn’t fair all that well against rookie sensation Andrew Luck last year at home, and that’s going to continue. He’s too dynamic for the Lions to contain. Prediction: Lions lose its first game of the season (2-1).

Week Four Home against the Bears: The thorn in the Lions’ side that was Lovie Smith is now gone and new head coach Mark Trestman. Trestman is considered to be a QB “guru” and will utilize Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler talents to terrorize defenses. Couple that and Matt Forte, and it doesn’t look good. The Lions’ secondary will be tested, and so will its run defense. Prediction: Lions lose a close one. (2-2)

Week Five Away against the Packers: The Lions aren’t good at winning at Lambeau Field. Luckily for them, it’s early in the season this year. Too bad it’s not going to change. Prediction: Lions lose. (2-3)

Week Six Away against the Browns: So the Lions are sub .500 after starting out 2-0. They need to get things going in the right direction before the year looks bleak. Luckily for the Lions they get right at the right time, and I think we see the new helmet rule come into play for the Lions, as Trent Richardson likes to be a battering ram outside the hashes. Prediction: Lions win. (3-3)

Week Seven Home against the Bengals: The Lions feel good. The losing streak is snapped, and the Leos are home. The opponent is tricky, however, as the Bengals were a playoff team two seasons in a row. However I think the Lions prove their worth a bit and ride momentum and get back to being above .500. Prediction: Lions win (4-3).

Week Eight Home against the Cowboys: The Cowboys like to hover around 10th place in the NFC, but hasn’t made the playoffs since 2009. The Cowboys seem plagued by Romo and company. Dallas beat the Lions in 2010…behind John Kitna, and then Romo had his chance the in 2011 and failed. They fail again behind an inconsistent Romo. Prediction: Lions win (5-3)

How will the Lions finish the second half the season after the Week 9 bye? See 2nd Half Picks.