Talk Nerdy To Me: Welcome to 2018

Dom, Sierra, and Ed talk about the first days of 2018, Logan Paul, Slender Man and everything to look forward to this year. From  Cave Radio Studios in Redford, Michigan.

What About Sports- Rhyno from WWE/ECW stops in.

We talk to Chris Carlin from upper deck, WWE/ECW wrestler Rhyno, sending Peyton Manning tea bags to autograph, and why Jimmy Howard needs to be traded.

Caged in the Cave-TXC Legends 7 recap and Dada 5000 fails.

This week we talk about Dada 5000 dying in bellator and we recap the TXC Legends 7 from last night. Listen in as we have interviews with the likes of Konnor Kuppe, Marco Smallman, Brad Burrick and Mike Hernandez.

(Warning Explicit Language used)


Fanarchy 2-20-16 No Nutz Please!!!!

Mer and Chris  are back. Laura Bagley hung with us. Also Ballsrog was with us we talk Mers Parties, We go through Chris’ Past music playlist, Ronda Rousey begging for sympathy, Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000, get to know more about Laura, Quise explains the Charity he wants to start, Play know your Homophobe, Creepy love Letters and Ballsrog does a song for Mer and Laura.


(Warning Explicit language used)