Pucking Around – Mailing It In (Spinning The Pucking Around)

This week, on Pucking Around, Goalieman Justin joins Franchise and Jason to discuss the last game at the Joe, Kronwall's continuing career, and they do a series-by-series breakdown of the first round of the 2017 NHL Playoffs.   … [Read more...]

Spinning The Wheels – Let The Kids Play!

This week in Goalieman's glorious return to Spinning The Wheels, Jason, Steve, and Justin get together to talk about the waning days of the Last Season At The Joe, AA's seemingly forced sitting, and the kid's lack of ice time.   … [Read more...]

Pucking Around- Dear Edmonton Oilers Fans

This week, on Pucking Around, Jason and Steve cover a little bit of Red Wings due to Justin's absence, discuss Sidney Crosby's antics, and talk about the Edmonton Oiler fanbase. They also pick their Stanley Cup Champion and make the show's first prop bet. … [Read more...]

Pucking Around-Flaming Out

      Jason and The Franchise get together to discuss two weeks in the NHL, including a recent surge by the Calgary Flames, playoff formats, and rule changes to make the game better. … [Read more...]

Pucking Around – Shuffling The Deck

This week, Steve and Jason are thoroughly let down by timid GM's making safe moves, while the Washington Capitals blow everyone out of the water and land the big fish. (Explicit Language used) … [Read more...]