Spinning The Wheels – Dat Boi Mantha, Tho

This week, on Spinning The Wheels, the boys gather to use their wizardry and discuss the last week of Red Wings hockey, including a not-loss to Calgary, a close Shootout Loss to Columbus (and a discussion on shootouts), and an absolute rout of Calgary that may be misleading.

Pucking Around – I Guess We’re Wizards

This week, on Pucking Around, Jason and Franchise finally embrace their wizard heritage and begin experimenting with their powers. Also, two trades happened, a coach doubts McDavid, and the guys break down tradeable cities for Ryan Nugent Hopkins.

Spinning The Wheels – Hi This Is Justin, First Time Long Time

Franchise, Jason, and Justin (surprisingly in studio for this recording) get together to review an alarming result of games in the past week of Red Wings hockey. Jason attempts to fool two goalies into shouldering goal blame, Justin offers a sophie’s choice of defensemen, and Jason mixes up who is playing net in Vegas.

Spinning The Wheels – MEEEHHHH….

This week, on Spinning The Wheels, Justin has a middling response to a 2-1 record, Franchise tries to remain optimistic during negative times, and Jason melts down at the mere mention of Niklas Kronwall.


Spinning The Wheels – He’s Got Grit, Bro

This week, in the return of Spinning The Wheels from an extended summer break, Jason, Franchise, and Goalieman lose their cool at the sight of the Red Wings salary cap and discuss an, at best, underwhelming off-season.