The Laugh Tracks-Jeopardy Part 2

The Laugh Tracks plays another episode of Jeopardy!

Pistons SRD-Press Reset

The Mike’s break down the deficiencies on the current roster, and how they may have overstated their ceiling without Reggie. The imminent trade that will eventually happen is discussed, and both Mike’s place most of the blame of this season on 1 person.

Tigers SRD-KC and The Barbato Band

Max Rieper, Editor-in-chief of Royals Review and Brandon Day of Bless You joins in to talk about the Royals off-season, top Royals prospects and the article Max posted about how come teams are not spending.

In the second segment, the guys talk about Jeff Passan’s article on baseball’s economic system is broken and why baseball has some warning signs of some interesting days to come.

Fanarchy-The Rockprah Winfrey

We finally have Black Jason in, we do divisional picks, Robot Strippers, Should we let Stan Lee’s Sex Allegations go?, what do you want your significant other to walk around in, Oprah/Rock 2020, and Deer Wasp Dope and Kids eating Tide Pods

(Warning Explicit Language  used)

Caged in the Cave-Michael Carpenter Stops By

This week we sat down with Michael Carpenter out of 10th Planet Detroit and talk to him about some of the tournaments that he has coming out, his time wrestling for at the University of Michigan and media addiction