The gang addresses Quise’s serial dumpster pooping, childhood games, We play a game of sex novel or sexual assault and week 14 picks.

(Explicit Language used)

Fanarchy-WG Massacre

Justin and new Wilson, Floyd, stopped as well as Mer joined us live. We make fun of Wilson for skipping out on the show to go on a totally heterosexual mandate to IHOP,  Rob Parker from the show ” FS1 Undisputed” joined us, The girls want botox, Hollywood SexGate, Lavar vs Trump, Ray Allen got Catfished, Week 12 picks and we imitate each other.

Explict Lanaguage used.

Fanarchy-Ballsrog’s Ride To River Rouge

Chris made his way back to our loving nipple and brought Ballsrog, We console them through recent breakups, Louis CK, Jerry Jones vs Roger Goodell, Mer Joins us, Tyrese vs The Rock, Ballsrog brings us a song, week 10 picks and the big fight between Jason and Quise. (Explicit Content)

Fanarchy-Snorkel Oral

Quise and Angie are having parenting issues, Quise vs Eric Ebron,  Bob McNair thinks his players are inmates, David Stern says weed should be in the NBA, week 8 Picks and Wilson watches the Halle Berry Scene in Monsters Ball for the first time

Fanarchy – The Great Roast

This week, on Fanarchy, Quise had literally no show prepared, so the gang got together and just had at each other. Mere surprisingly showed up, Justin (Spinning The Wheels) also surprisingly showed up, Quise, Wilson, and Jason discuss an alarmingly dull NFL season, and Mere shared a controversial rant about #metoo.