Fanarchy-Oops, I did it again.

Wilson is back and catches up on what he’s missed, Quise has a big family news, Lions loss vs Carolina, Harvey Weinstein, Miami’s Cocaine Coach, Jemele Hill, Mer joins us to talk Yankees being a Cinderella, Week 6 picks and robot rape

Fanarchy-Meth N9ne

Angie had a meltdown this week, Quise is a spoiled 33-year-old, Lions win in Minnesota, Cam Newton, Trump, Quise defends the white man, we remember Tom Petty, Hugh Hefner, and Ralphie May, Lindsay joins us, Quise looks like a meth head rapper, week 5 picks, and Lindsay wonders if we should make bad teams cancel their season. (NSFW)

Fanarchy: 9-30-17 OH YAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Bailey hangs with us, Jason adjusts to his new job, Lions loss vs Atl, pregnancy scares, NCAA got raided, Quise has become a protest hipster, week 4 picks, and are we better than Drew and Mike and Dave and Chuck. (SUPER NSFW)



Jason is being a crab ass, Lindsay brings her bf Bobby in to hang (dude never stopped talking) we talk Trump going after athletes, NFL Players wanting a social awareness month, Quise has a new idea to change the world, NFL Week 3 picks, Lindsay has a sticky puss, uses movie idea, and Quise and Wilson discuss recent NBA trades. (SUPER NSFW)


Fanarchy: A Sh*t Show

We talk about Jim Carrey’s bizarre interview,more fantasy beef,  Future Governor of Michigan Jenny K joins us to talk about her run for the Governor’s mansion and what she will do for the citizens as Governor, Quise pooped near a dumpster, reaction to Trump attacking Jemele Hill, Week 2 picks, and we try and figure out what we have in our pants is worth.