Fanarchy-Missing Kids, Rehab Cougars, and Czech Fantasy

MegaKlon, Jason's friend Mike and The Podfather himself fresh off the plane from London, Roger joins us. Angie's kid tried to make a run for it, Mike has a Fanny award nominee story about rehab, we talk Lavar Ball on RAW, NBA Free Agency, the guys figure out what Czech Fantasy, Quise's face broke out, a nurse failed a drug test cause of sweaty sex, Snapchat is snitching and a … [Read more...]

Fanarchy 6-24-17: Marvin Effing Miller

The gang at Fanarchy are back as they talk about white sports having no personality, NBA Draft Fallout, Bill Cosby, Prodigy, MLB, and some Trump stuff. … [Read more...]

Fanarchy-Forgotten Freshness 17.1

We havent given you any Art in a couple of weeks so here's our first installment of our best of Forgotten Freshness. we talk to Jason's mom, Quise stepped in a racist landmine, we play a game of know your racist, Mer brings us Pino, Fatt Father sat in with us for 10 rules for banging my wife and Quise and his reddit porn   … [Read more...]


Jason and Quise discuss station bathroom etiquette, and Jason gets a ticket but cause of White Privilege probably wont be punished. In the actual show: Wilson wants to see everyone naked, Tiger Woods, Quise solve baseball fights, Jason talks Stanley Cup Final, the gang does a spelling bee, have you ever shared someone else's nudes, Bill Maher,and Angie's NBA Finals game 1 … [Read more...]

Jordan or LeBron: The Debate Rages On

By: Marquise Lee As we embark on another NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, an all too familiar conversation comes up once again. Who’s the greatest basketball player of all time LeBron or Michael ? Kobe or Magic? Ok. Maybe no one debates Kobe vs. Magic, but really is that a conversation that couldn't be had? Mostly people debate … [Read more...]