Fanarchy-Talaq Talaq Talaq

Megaklon hung with us, We talk the big fantasy league beef, Michael Bennett, Instant Divorce in India, Wilson Calls Quise out for letting his wife get felt up, Jason and the rude house guest. We also breakdown the 2017 Detroit Lions. Mer joins us for week 1 picks and 10 things that scare black people not named the police. EXPLICIT CONTENT USED

Fanarchy-One Long Segment

We open up the phone lines to get the people’s take on Mayweather/Mcgregor (Spoiler Alert: Mcgregor wins the fight) and a bunch of randomness. (Warning: Extreme Language Used)

Fanarchy-Two Guys and a Creep

The guys talk Tigers, MegaKlon stops by to talk about the heavy recruitment that is softball, Mark Milez Miller joined the crew to talk his new single “On My Way to the Top”, Jason introduces the guys to Sarahah, Quise saw some sex in a parking lot and the guys try to make sense about Charlottesville.

Fanarchy-Murder,Mental Health, and Child Support

We’re Back with a fresh ass opening. Quise wages war on Friend of the Court, we talk OJ Simpson and Jason finally saw the documentary, Wilson helps us catch up on NBA news and security guards deserve more respect, Chester Bennington’s death and how we as people don’t understand mental illness, NFL and CTE, Mud Butt, Kaepernik still doesn’t have a job, are Athletes overpaid and we have Angie’s news. (NSFW)


Fanarchy-Forgotten Freshness 17.3

This is the Last Forgotten Freshness before we come back live on Saturday. We relive Angie’s first show, We do a sports Jeopardy and a music Jeopardy,Weird places you’ve gotten it in, Snap chat snitching, The man suing cause the Neighbor he paid to get his wife pregnant was sterile and Czech Fantasy See you Saturday Live the gang whole will be in and a lot to catch up on. (NSFW)