Mitten Sports Talk-No Sleep Till Lincoln Park

On this week's show we discuss if its worth it for the Tigers to tank, did the USA Today disrespect the Lions? Also we breakdown Michigan football's upcoming season. … [Read more...]

Mitten Sports Talk-You May Know Me as a Lions QB

Ben fills in for Erick and the guys talk realistic returns for Tigers trades, are the Lions winning fans over and ESPN airing cornhole and Roger may of gotten carried away with the drops. … [Read more...]

Mitten Sports Talk-New logo, Same 3 Dudes

From Sunday, July 16th. The guys go over the Calvin Johnson saga, the Tigers outlook after the All-Star Break and Jeramy has a surprise for the guys come fall. … [Read more...]

Mitten Sports Talk-Two Week Break Is Over

Jermany and Roger march on without Erick. The guys breakdown the NBA summer league and the newest Piston. Why the Red Wings still lack a scoring punch, what are the Tigers going to do before the deadline and the trip across the pond stories. … [Read more...]

Who Has The Best Sports City In America?

I’m sure you’ve had this debate before. Whether it’s at the cubicle, at the bar with your buddies, or in the comments section of some meaningless blog, we’ve all had the conversation of what is the best sports city in America. Well after a team of researchers compiled mountains of data – which was actually me going through – I believe I have come up with the winner … [Read more...]