Out of Bounds Episode 157: Welcome Ms. Wagner

Dan, Dave, and Geoff open the show by discussing the slow news week. So slow, in fact that the lead story on ESPN was the release of the NBA schedule. It's a good thing we were able to get our very special guest, Brittany Wagner from Last Chance U. We discuss her time on the show and her time in Scooba. As well as the NCAA's treatment of it's players, and her new endeavor with … [Read more...]

Out of Bounds Detroit Episode 156: Darko the Resurrected

Dan, Dave, and Mike spend WAY too much time recapping the E:60 piece on Darko. Dan has come up with a metric to determine the truly greatest busts in NBA history. We reminisce about the '04 Pistons and WTF has happened to Joe Dumars. Tom Brady had some not so interesting comments about concussions. And we have a new training camp hero for your Detroit … [Read more...]

Out of Bounds Detroit Episode 155- Gentrify This!!

It's a slow news week in sports. So, what do our boys do? Talk about other things! We open the show with a big guest announcement for next week. Dan reads and embarrassing e-mail that he sent to this potential guest. Dan and Geoff open the pandora's box of another Game of Thrones debate. We have week 2 of Dave's "Plus Size vs Skinny" competition. Somehow, the NBA's approval of … [Read more...]

Out of Bounds Detroit Episode 153- Trade Deadline with Rogelio and C-Breezy

Dan, Geoff, and Roger open the show with some Tigers trade deadline discussion. Who is gone, who is still here, and just what's the point of it it all?! We get Chris Brown from Tigers SRD and Scout.com on the horn to break down all the deadline deals and get into who the prospects that were dealt, along with the big pieces that were moved. Also Steve Bartman got a World Series … [Read more...]

Out of Bounds Detroit Episode 152-Click Bait Monday

Dan, Dave, and Mike are here. Dan got sucked in by some click bait regarding the conspiracy theory over the death of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. It's a doozy. A USA today writer sucked us in with some more click bait about the projected record of your Detroit Lions in 2017. It's getting close to the trade deadline in major league baseball. What is the future for JV? … [Read more...]