Out of Bounds Detroit Episode 151- Juice is Loose & Dave Likes a Big Caboose

FINALLY! It's Dan, Dave, and Geoff for the first time in over a month, and there is a lot to discuss. We give you our thoughts on OJ's parole hearing and give you some classic audio from Juice. The Browns' football stadium may be a fire hazard. We debate the type of chicks that Dave is into, and even give him a little test. JD Martinez is gone, and ya'll need to calm down about … [Read more...]

Out of Bounds Detroit Episode 150 Dave: The Show Punching Bag Explained

Dan, Dave, and Mike are back. How hot is Alison Brie? Office Hot? Girl Next Door Hot? Smokin' Hot? The Red Wings have a special gift for it's wonderful fanbase, and no, it's not a better hockey team. Floyd and Conor are still at it, thank God! Which one had the more offensive, politically incorrect statements about the other? Of course we will go there! What do you think this … [Read more...]

Out of Bounds Detroit 149- Trash Talking the Pink Panther with Mike and The Mad Dog

Dan and Geoff are a duo again. We open by talking about the latest 30 for 30 about Mike and The Mad Dog. These are the guys that saw the entire rise and subsequent, painfully slow death of sports talk radio right to the end. A local Detroit Sports radio host could be on his way out, to fill big shoes. Sammy Sosa is pink...yes pink. The trash talk between Conor and Floyd could … [Read more...]

Out of Bounds Detroit Episode 148- Wild Stories, Alaska, and the Wrong Bounce

Dan, Dave, and Mike are here again finally. Mike has returned from Alaska, and he is exhausted. The way he describes Alaska, makes it sound a lot like Downriver. Hmm. Facebook LIVE kicks us off the feed once again. Pete Holmes' Batman somehow makes the show. We get a chance to discuss the Pistons' moves that took place minutes after our last show...as usual. The NBA is fining a … [Read more...]

Out Of Bounds Detroit Episode 146: Geoff Doesn’t Beat Off A Bear

Dan, and Geoff are a duo for this one. The guys go over Geoff's exciting trip to Wyoming. His favorite part was all of the Asians? We go over Eric Ebron's comments about his future. Floyd and Connor are set to fight! It's official! And the Pats bone the Jets...again. All of this and more. … [Read more...]