Out of Bounds Detroit Episode 173: Labial Protrusion


Dan, Dave, and Mike are back. We open the show discussing Al Michaels’ comments comparing the New York Giants to Harvey Weinstein. Are you offended? Did you need that apology? Is Al Michaels a rapist by association? Everybody in the world should probably just stop talking for fear of the social media train running them over. The Lions embarrassed themselves in The Big Easy, but the only other competitors in the NFC North have lost their best players…Hmm. Now What? Dan’s frustrations with Jim Harbaugh are growing. And what is that tall, hot red head from Boy Meets World doing these days?

Out of Bounds Detroit 172:Dave Plays with Guns, and Harbaugh Plays with Fire

Dan and Geoff are a duo tonight as Dave hurries off to his duck hunting trip. Geoff gets to tell you his feelings about Michigan’s loss to MSU, and whether or not it is okay to question his beloved Harbaugh. The internet is having fun with Eminem and Donald Trump. The Lions are headed on the road to take on a Saints team that may surprise you. Why? Tune in and find out. Also, we take a week off from the picks without Dave around.


Out of Bounds Detroit Episode 171: Mayo on Mayo

Dan, and Dave go as a duo today as Mike enjoys his vacation in NYC. What else is there to talk about other than the awful football that we had to witness all weekend?! Can we question Jim Harbaugh? His record is comparable to another recent UM coach. The Lions had a stinker on Sunday, but does it mean anything? Jemele Hill was suspended by ESPN for a ridiculous reason to date. And why are white people so butt-hurt and white all the time?!

Out of Bounds Detroit Episode 170: Football this weekend, You Don’t Say!

Dan, Dave, and Geoff open the show by “celebrating” the opening of Little Caesar’s Arena. It’s also the battle of the big cats this weekend. Cam Newton made some interesting comments about “women and routes”. Dan mourns Tom Petty a bit. We do out weekly picks in football. And the MLB playoffs are under way. Who you got?!

Out Of Bounds Detroit Episode 169-Less Guns More Guns

Dan, Dave, and Mike open the show by discussing the shooting in Vegas. It’s horrible tragedy, but is anybody really surprised anymore? The Lions get a statement win in Minnesota. It was ugly, but is that really a bad thing. Lavar Ball is at it again. Who can MSU beat in the Big Ten? And we deliver 4th and Medium!