RED WINGS SRD: Despite Early Season Injury, Mantha’s Expectations Are Still High


(Grand Rapids Griffins/Sam Lannamico)

In this episode Mike Morland and Kevin Liddy discuss the Red Wings through the All-Star break and what’s needed down the stretch in order to make a Stanley Cup run. The guys also chat with Red Wings prospect Anthony Mantha (near the nine minute mark of the show) about his time with the Grand Rapids Griffins, his early season injury and how his game has evolved since leaving juniors. Hear all of this and more on this edition of Red Wings SRD.

SOCCER REPORT: English Premier League Mid-Season Breakdown

(Wonker, Wikimedia Commons)

(Wonker, Wikimedia Commons)

In the latest edition of the Soccer Report on SRD, Kevin Liddy and Knox Cameron discuss the English Premier League midway through the season, including the success of Chelsea and Southampton, as well as the improved play of Manchester United.

RED WINGS SRD: Wings Can’t Get Off Goaltending Carousel

(TheAHL, Wikimedia Commons)

(TheAHL, Wikimedia Commons)

In the latest episode of Red Wings SRD, Mike Morland and Tony Bolton discuss the injuries to Jimmy Howard and Jonas Gustavsson, and what it means for Petr Mrazek. The guys also discuss a proposal to move the All-Star game outdoors and the impact of moving the Plymouth Whalers to Flint, Michigan. [AUDIO]

PISTONS SRD: Has Horse Power Returned to the Pistons?

Greg Monroe (chiuchiu11/Wikimedia Commons)

(chiuchiu11/Wikimedia Commons)

In the latest edition of Pistons SRD, Roger Castillo and guest co-host Eric Costantini discuss the Pistons recent winning streak, life after Josh Smith, upcoming match-ups and a look around the NBA. [AUDIO]

Sports Radio Detroit Staff Surprises 10-year-old Detroit Lions Fan from Dallas On-Air

(screen capture of YouTube video, courtesy of 96.9 KISS FM)

(screen capture of YouTube video, courtesy of 96.9 KISS FM)

Late last week, another controversial Detroit Lions story made its way across the country.

According to a report from 96.9 KISS-FM, a 10-year-old Lions fan named Roman from Amarillo, TX, attended the Lions vs. Cowboys game in Arlington after his grandma surprised him with tickets. Roman and his family got to the stadium early to participate in the pregame festivities; and that’s where the controversy started.

According to the report, the winner of a game of musical chairs would take home a new copy of the Madden 15 video game for Playstation 4. Roman, as seen on video, ended up being the winner. However, when the MC noticed Roman’s Detroit Lions jersey, she asked him and the other finalist to repeat the last round because he was a Detroit Lions fan.

After the re-do of musical chairs, Roman’s opponent, a Dallas Cowboys fan, won the game. The MC said that both boys would receive prizes. According to the report, the staff gave Roman a Batman DVD, and the “winner” received the Madden PS4 video game.

When word of this crossed the news desk of Sports Radio Detroit (SRD), the staff decided to purchase the game and send to it Roman as a token of appreciation for being such a great sport in this all; especially at such a young age.

Sports Radio Detroit contacted 96.9 KISS-FM to make the arrangements, however, they learned that the generous night time DJ, Tommy The Hacker, had already purchased the game for Roman. Still wanting to support the young Lions fan, SRD donated a $75 gift certificate as a token of appreciation from its staff and on behalf of the Detroit area. Tommy the Hacker invited a staff member from Sports Radio Detroit to present the gift on-air to Roman as a surprise during his show on Friday, January 9.

“We wanted to do more than just report on this story” says Mike Morland of Sports Radio Detroit. “We just wanted to show Roman that he has the support of Detroit and hope he continues to cheer on his team.”

When speaking to Lorena, Roman’s mother, on how he became a Detroit Lions fan: “My husband and I are actually 49ers fans,” she says. “It’s crazy, he just chose than Lions, and that was his team. So ever since then, he watches ever game, my mom bought him a jersey, and whenever we ask him when the next game is, he knows when it is…it’s just amazing.”

On behalf of Sports Radio Detroit, we would like to thank Tommy the Hacker, 96.9 KISS FM and Roman’s family for their generosity in allowing us to play a small part in supporting this great young man.