SRD Roadshow Episode 95- Oooo That Smell!

The guys during the “Ramble” try to figure out what the smell is in the studio. During HORSE, the guys figure out if the Pistons will make the playoffs or not and if Steven Kerr’s idea of letting players coach was a good one. The crew discusses the Lions FA plans and another round of Dueling Mics.

SRD Roadshow Episode 93- Boras Bothers The Mike’s

On the latest episode, Proe preaches about fanny packs in the “Ramble” while Roger talks about the different choices in lip balm. Also during the ramble, the guys talk about the Free Press’s clickbait theater episode about Brady and Matthew Stafford.

HORSE talks about Lebron’s attempts at being the GM, breaking down the Blake Griffin trade to the Pistons and what the NBA trade may have to offer.

In hour 2, Ben points out how Scott Boras is making it worse for free agents in baseball and how the Mikes are angry about the same thing.

SRD Roadshow Episode 92-Brazilian Steakhouses and Gas Station Breakfasts

Jamie makes her second appearance as they open the show with their new segment called “The Ramble” as they talk the XFL, gas station breakfasts, Days of Our Lives truth bombs.

During HORSE, the crew addresses what NBA team should tear it down that is on the verge of playoff contention, the Pistons struggles and the Cavs rumors.

Then they address the dark cloud that is over Michigan State.

SRD Roadshow Episode 91-It’s Aliens, bro

Show starts as we talk meteors crashing into the ground and Mike Proe believes it’s aliens. The crew gets heated over the proposed transfer rule, where no one will have to sit out a year, playoffs and Ben finds out that Mike Papciak is undefeated at “home” and how a bean bag chair is a game changer.

SRD Roadshow Episode 90- War of The Proes

Jamie McTaggart joins in full time as the guys welcome her in. Brian and Mike get heated over a high school player transfer, the weekly HORSE segment that goes into the Pistons, is Rodney Hood a hero to the show or foe, Buycks getting a guaranteed contract and what direction do the Lions take?