SRD Roadshow-Robots in Disguise, Part 2

From Saturday, September 16th.

Chrissy from Roger’s old Halo LAN party days comes in to sub in as Ben and Mike P are out. Ray Vipond, our boxing expert, comes talks about GGG vs Canelo.  The crew talks week one in the NFL, Kevin Durant and him not letting it go and Mike Proe and Roger argue adult robots being hacked.

SRD Roadshow- Bianca won all the popularity contests or new Mike shows his Lions love

Mike Papciak joins the Roadshow cast as he is in for week one of the NFL picks. Roger has a story about a strange counter at trivia, why the fans leaving Comerica in droves and we predict how the Lions season is going to go.

SRD Roadshow: No Middle Finger or Roger Comes To Realize He is a Bitter Hipster

We give congrats to Bianca, Ben and Mike suddenly debate the Golladay production drop-off, Ben never has had a Tim Horton’s doughnut, Roger complains about the eclipse, and did JV really flipped off V-Mart?

SRD Roadshow-Bianca’s Roundhouse

On this week’s roadshow, Ben and Roger debate Steve Bartman and whether or not he deserves a ring. The crew reacts to a “hot take” about Kobe Bryant, discuss the Lions training camp and August movies with TV chips.

SRD Roadshow-Preach On

From Saturday, July 29th. The crew reviews Shaq’s new rap, we question the preacher behind Kyrie Irving (Roger preaches at 29:11) and Justin Bieber and we go over the Tigers recent woes.