SRD Roadshow Episode 70- Too bad snowflake, life is unfair or The Pens fight off gingivitis

Al Willman is back with us as the crew talks heavy NBA including finals and best team ever seen. The guys dip their toes into the Stanley Cup and breaking down what happen in East Lansing.  … [Read more...]

SRD Roadshow Episode 62-Summer Time in the City or Clickbait, The Musical

Chris Platte (@realchrisplatte) comes in to talk NBA Finals and the Washington Post article about the 40 greatest NBA players post ABA merger.  The crew also discuses summer movies with @tvchips  , saltest person of the week and Bianca has some rage to sort out. … [Read more...]

SRD Roadshow: Episode 60: “ The Kelly Mcgillis Vortex” or “ $17.31 my way onto Inside Edition”

Dan from Out of Bounds Detroit stops by during the live show in the second hour to help Roger judge the "Lebron vs Jordan" debate between Brian and Mike.  The show starts with the guys talking the Top Gun sequel and getting lost in a 80's montage and a guy in Texas gets his money back on a date and wins our first  "SRD Salty" award. … [Read more...]

SRD Roadshow Episode 54- We salute you, Chris Cornell

The crew pays respects to Chris Cornell and question some bad writing behind Soundgarden's last show,  Brian and Mike debate Lebron vs Michael Jordan, again, Bianca debates pretty girls place and the crew talk talks NBA playoffs. … [Read more...]

SRD Roadshow Episode 57- Detroit’s Futbol History or Decatur, Illnois

With no Bianca this week, Ben slides in late. Al talks about the home opener for Detroit FC, talk NBA playoffs, Mike thinks Draymond Green isn't a dirty player and the crew tries to classify what is, and the crew discusses bad breakup moments. … [Read more...]