SRD Roadshow Episode 53-Phil vs Gregg

Al Willman (@AlWillmanSports) and Chris Platte (@realchrisplatte) sat in and talk about the details surrounding the Aaron Hernandez case that took a odd twist, the crew takes a look at the past week with the Tigers, we debate who is the better coach, Phil Jackson or Gregg Popovich and we talk NBA/NHL Playoffs.

SRD Roadshow Episode 53-The JLA Blues

On a shorter version of the Roadshow before Easter break, the crew talks about Joe Louis Arena. Bianca explains to Roger an angle about JLA he didnt think about, how Lavar Ball’s statements make no sense and Roger’s 2045 prediction is crazy as it sounds. TV Chips joins us to talk April movies.

SRD Roadshow-That Basic Life On Flek

The crew discusses the Pistons downfall. Lavar Ball outsmarting the NCAA, March Madness,  Bianca explains what basic means and Roger is truly an old man.