KLAA Crossover-Novi vs Salem

We got the call as Novi takes on Salem. Listen live here.


The Laugh Tracks reviews: Black Panther (spoiler free)

The guys review the “Black Panther”

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Fanarchy-DUI Radio

We celebrate Wilsons 42nd birthday by taking shots, we discuss the horrors of the recent snowstorm, recap the Eagles Super Bowl win, More shots, Quincy Jones’ recent interview, Mer joins us more shots and drunk NBA trade deadline talk.


Parsons & Slow Episode 4-The Titanic 2?

-In this week’s episode, Mike and Fred forget how to count to 4.
-Americans don’t even know how to begin having an intelligent conversation on gun violence.
-Mike tells Fred why he’s wrong for loving the Olympics.
-Would you go on a cruise if the ship was named Titanic 2?

The Set Piece – 2.14 – Sturridge went where?!!?

The January transfer window has shut in Europe and there are many more old faces in new places than we are used to.  The guys pick and choose their favorite moves and celebrate one of their favorites finding a new home.
The crew also gives some TLC to the European leagues and breakdown this week’s Champions League knockout fixtures, which may hold dire consequences for Zinedine Zidane and his reign in Madrid.
USSF chooses their new Supreme Leader, Adam Lallana allegedly hates kids, Pogba goes emo and more medium spice beef on the Romance Edition of the Set Piece.