Mitten Sports Talk-You May Know Me as a Lions QB

Ben fills in for Erick and the guys talk realistic returns for Tigers trades, are the Lions winning fans over and ESPN airing cornhole and Roger may of gotten carried away with the drops. … [Read more...]

Mitten Sports Talk-New logo, Same 3 Dudes

From Sunday, July 16th. The guys go over the Calvin Johnson saga, the Tigers outlook after the All-Star Break and Jeramy has a surprise for the guys come fall. … [Read more...]

Tigers SRD-King’s Ransom? Eh.

Brandon Day from Bless You joins Roger& Chris to talk the trade and the fans reaction. Did the Tigers get what they needed out of the trade? The guys also take a look at the Chicago White Sox and the Cleveland Indians in terms of their prospect future. We review the minor leagues and at the 1:05:00 mark, Jenn Smith from Baseball Prospectus joins us to talk Blue … [Read more...]


It's a Mail It In Saturday as we are on our way to vacation. it was only Quise and Jason they talked Twitter beefs Floyd/Conor, ESPYs, Quise has a movie idea And Mike Valenti possibly going to New York. … [Read more...]

Counting Tracks Episode 1-The Beatles

Welcome to the first episode of Counting Tracks, where we go over our favorite album or albums and we talk about the history of music.  This debut features West of Woodward blogger and Voice of the Turtle podcast host, Hookslide. We talk about where it may gotten started for some folks, the Beatles and what albums Hook loves and Roger, the newer fan, dig. … [Read more...]