Mitten Sports Talk-Over The Cold Weather

The guys discuss the Lions coaching search, whats wrong with Michigan football, and should the Red Wings reconsider this new winning thing?

Spinning The Wheels – The Podfather Steps In, Double A Steps Up

This week, on Spinning The Wheels, Jason, Franchise, and Goalieman are joined by The Podfather himself, Roger Castillo (Tigers SRD, SRD Roadshow) to discuss the acceptance of the new Dead Wings and the marketing machine that is the Hockeytown branding. After that, the guys discuss AA’s rise in ice time (and statistical output), the surprising results of the last two weeks, and pick their Red Wings 2017 Calendar Year MVP.

The Laugh Track- 2018 Cinema Predictions

The Laugh Track does their 2018 predictions on top grossing, biggest busts and early favorites

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The Laugh Track Reviews-All The Money In The World

The Laugh Track Reviews: All the Money In The World

Tigers SRD- Prospects Of The Round Table

Mark Anderson, scout and staff writer for  ,  and Director of Scouting for  joins the guys for the entire show as the crew answers questions from Twitter, talk about Baseball America’s Top 10 Tigers prospects and the top 10 prospects. The guys review the FA market and we also look at the Eric Hosmer’s contract offer.