SRD Roadshow Episode 91-It’s Aliens, bro

Show starts as we talk meteors crashing into the ground and Mike Proe believes it’s aliens. The crew gets heated over the proposed transfer rule, where no one will have to sit out a year, playoffs and Ben finds out that Mike Papciak is undefeated at “home” and how a bean bag chair is a game changer.

Spinning The Wheels- Logical Emotions

This week, on Spinning The Wheels, Franchise, Jason, and goalieman get together to discuss the call-up of Joe Hicketts, the current play of the Red Wings, and take the temperature of current fandom.


The Laugh Tracks-Jeopardy Part 2

The Laugh Tracks plays another episode of Jeopardy!

Fanarchy-The Rockprah Winfrey

We finally have Black Jason in, we do divisional picks, Robot Strippers, Should we let Stan Lee’s Sex Allegations go?, what do you want your significant other to walk around in, Oprah/Rock 2020, and Deer Wasp Dope and Kids eating Tide Pods

(Warning Explicit Language  used)

A Battle Of The Super 10’s-Trenton vs Livonia Stevenson

The Number 9 in the Super 10, Trenton Trojans, take on Number 2 and Number 1 in Division 2, Livonia Stevenson. Click here to check out the live link.