Pucking Around-Flaming Out




Jason and The Franchise get together to discuss two weeks in the NHL, including a recent surge by the Calgary Flames, playoff formats, and rule changes to make the game better.

Spinning The Wheels – Coddling Millionaires


The boys are back after a two week wind-related hiatus! Now with improved goalieman internet! Jason, Franchise, and Goalieman discuss the benching of Anthony Mantha, the inability to defend, the tank or try debate, and Jason loses it (again!) over protecting players feelings by hiding the protected from the expansion draft list.

Spinning the Wheels-Flushing The Toilet

This week, Inside Scoop is away on business while Franchise and Goalieman attempt to entice a heart attack out of Jason with the moves by the Detroit Red Wings this week. Brendan Smith is gone, but Jason remains apoplectic at Ken Holland’s “plan”.

Spinning the Wheels-What is Smith Worth?

This week, on Spinning The Wheels, the gang gets together to talk the possibly declining value(?) of Brendan Smith, Zetterberg owning up to the C, and Mrazek’s successes and failures.

Spinning the Wheels-Nyquist Gets Served

This week, on Spinning The Wheels, the gang has their weekly check in on the condition of the Red Wings, eulogize Mike Illitch, and discuss Gustav Nyquist’s suspension.