The Laugh Track-Holiday Movies & Traditions

As Thanksgiving & Christmas time roll up, the Laugh Track give their favorite Holiday movies and traditions.

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Spinning The Wheels – Dat Boi Mantha, Tho

This week, on Spinning The Wheels, the boys gather to use their wizardry and discuss the last week of Red Wings hockey, including a not-loss to Calgary, a close Shootout Loss to Columbus (and a discussion on shootouts), and an absolute rout of Calgary that may be misleading.

The Laugh Tracks Reviews-The Justice League (SPOILERS)

The guys review Justice League and answer questions. (WARNING SPOILERS)


Fanarchy-Ballsrog’s Ride To River Rouge

Chris made his way back to our loving nipple and brought Ballsrog, We console them through recent breakups, Louis CK, Jerry Jones vs Roger Goodell, Mer Joins us, Tyrese vs The Rock, Ballsrog brings us a song, week 10 picks and the big fight between Jason and Quise. (Explicit Content)

Mitten Sports Talk-The U is back

Jack is back as the guys talk the big weekend in college football and how it shapes up the playoff race.