Spinning The Wheels – Trade Deadlines and False Five Hundreds

This week, on Spinning The Wheels, Jason and Goalieman get together to discuss yet another 3-2-1 two weeks that involved some dull wins and weird wacky losses, also, in Franchise’s absence, the boys play Armchair GM and discuss what they would do at the trade dealine.


The Laugh Tracks reviews: Black Panther (spoiler free)

The guys review the “Black Panther”

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Parsons & Slow Episode 4-The Titanic 2?

-In this week’s episode, Mike and Fred forget how to count to 4.
-Americans don’t even know how to begin having an intelligent conversation on gun violence.
-Mike tells Fred why he’s wrong for loving the Olympics.
-Would you go on a cruise if the ship was named Titanic 2?

Out of Bounds 196 – Free Ballin’

We’ve got a full skeleton crew as Dan, Dave, Geoff, and Mike are all in studio for a free ballin’ show. We show up and turn on the mics and see what happens next. We go over the Matt Patricia hire and the decision to retain J.B. Coots as the Offensive Coordinator. The Blake Griffin honeymoon…it’s over…so what now? How does Jeff Blashill still have a job after the disaster against the Isles? Michigan State hoops get 2 huge wins and yet are somehow totally disrespected in the Bracketology projections. Since this is a Free Ballin’ show…you can believe there is plenty of nonsense in between all of the above prudent topics!

Mitten Sports Talk-Solo Time

Jeramy gives his thoughts on the Blake Griffin trade, a famous hole in golf getting copied and the Super Bowl.