The Set Piece Deep End 2.3 & 4

The Set Piece Deep End - 2.3 & 4 Cristiano Ronaldo: Part Man, Part Spray Tan, All Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world's most well-known athletes. This piece is an interesting look at his evolution from the pimply teenager with a thousand step overs to the super model impregnating, egocentric, goal machine that has spray tanned his way to the top of world … [Read more...]

Weekly Fantasy Football SRD Week 3

Things heated up a bit in Week 2 as compared to the ice-cold Week 1, but not by too much. Several key players continued to disappoint, while others shook off their rough opening games. The Dolphins and Buccaneers were glad to be back, as they combined to provide eight double-digit scoring players, including a 13-catch day for Jarvis Landry, and a great showing from the Tampa … [Read more...]

Michigan Football Getting Into B1G Trouble?

As Big Ten play begins, little is known about the Michigan Wolverines. You can even make the argument that we didn’t figure out enough to make a strong prediction on how the conference season will shake out. Even this week, on the road at Purdue, things could get dicey. The Boilermakers look markedly improved under first year head coach Jeff Brohm, and games are always … [Read more...]

Norwayne Boxing Gym Gives Local Youth Fighting Chance

Typically when a person visualizes the idea of a boxing gym, their mind paints a picture which likely resembles the old gym that Rocky called home in the classic film series. It's dark, dingy and full of guys grinding their way to a title. Others may think of the more modernized, fun, loud, and bright fitness-style cardio gyms that have gained an immense amount of popularity in … [Read more...]

WXC 70: Welterweight Goodness

Michigan MMA has become a hot bed of welterweight talent that has already produced UFC fighter Bobby "Nashty" Nash and before he made the move up to middleweight, Dequan "The Tarantula" Townsend was the top dog. Now, we have a new crop of super talented prospects, and the WXC 70 card is littered with them. Leading the pack is Marco "The Hybrid" Smallman (4-0) and John … [Read more...]