The Wrestling Fans – Billy Corgan’s Backlash

The Wrestling Fans step back through the ropes as they discuss: Billy Corgan buys NWA (1:50), X-Pac’s latest battle with his inner daemons (6:47), Braun Strowman’s injury (10:20), Cody Rhodes’ dream booking before he left the WWE (23:45), Scott Steiner’s lashing out to WWE (29:10), Ring of Honor and IWGP will share a championship belt (35:05), WWE Backlash predictions (41:05), Crazy Steve leaves TNA for NXT (55:20).

The Wrestling Fans – Survival Of The Brands

wwe-survivor-series-logoThe Wrestling Fans are back as Marty, Adam and Ben discuss the horrible news about Vader, TNA lawsuit update, The Performance Center has a new trainer, Survivor Series predictions, and favorite moments from one of WWE’s original PPVs.