SRD Roadshow Episode 95- Oooo That Smell!

The guys during the “Ramble” try to figure out what the smell is in the studio. During HORSE, the guys figure out if the Pistons will make the playoffs or not and if Steven Kerr’s idea of letting players coach was a good one. The crew discusses the Lions FA plans and another round of Dueling Mics.

SRD Roadshow Episode 94-2 Eagles,1 Cup

Jamie joins up as she avoids all the snow that has hit southeastern Michigan and the guys discuss the storm during the Ramble.

In the HORSE segment, the crew discusses who made it out during the trade deadline in the NBA, how much did the Pistons get and did the Lakers make out well.

3rd segment kicks off with the presser for Matt Patricia and Eagle fans celebrating…uniquely and in Dueling Mics, Jamie starts off under .500 and more clickbait theater.

Mitten Sports Talk-Pardon The Parody

Jeramy and Erick discuss if more parody is needed in college football, what are the Lions 3 biggest needs and who they believe will play in championship weekend.

SRD Roadshow Episode 90- War of The Proes

Jamie McTaggart joins in full time as the guys welcome her in. Brian and Mike get heated over a high school player transfer, the weekly HORSE segment that goes into the Pistons, is Rodney Hood a hero to the show or foe, Buycks getting a guaranteed contract and what direction do the Lions take?

SRD Roadshow Episode 89-Steve Wilks, not Wikos

Eric Guzman, the newest SRD intern, jumps on the podcast as the guys discuss the Lions coaching search, our weekly HORSE segment and we ask what the best college basketball conference is, NFL round circle as we ask if there is really an issue in New England, TV Chips talks movies & Mike announces the winner of the NFL picks