SRD Roadshow: Episode 60: “ The Kelly Mcgillis Vortex” or “ $17.31 my way onto Inside Edition”

Dan from Out of Bounds Detroit stops by during the live show in the second hour to help Roger judge the "Lebron vs Jordan" debate between Brian and Mike.  The show starts with the guys talking the Top Gun sequel and getting lost in a 80's montage and a guy in Texas gets his money back on a date and wins our first  "SRD Salty" award. … [Read more...]

With The Window Closing, Tigers Have Options

Do you feel the wind dying down? That’s the Detroit Tigers’ window for a Championship closing. Some people will tell you the window is already closed, and all you’re feeling is hope. Others won’t. I don’t think I’m in that group just yet. But like the window shutting, I feel my hope is diminishing with each mounting loss. The Tigers had a great run at it including two … [Read more...]

Tigers SRD-Minute Maid Madness

On this week's episode, Roger and Chris talk to Jason Marbach, staff writer from the Crawfish Boxes on the Astros, their farm system and Chris and Roger talk about Anthony Gose's debut in Lakeland, Sanchez goes down to Toledo and June's road trip.       … [Read more...]

Out of Bounds Detroit Podcast Episode 136-Super Sperm for Zaza and Kawhi

Dan, Dave, and Mike open the show with the breaking news that Antonio Cromartie's wife is pregnant AGAIN! The second time since his vasectomy and his 14th kid overall. Many of us haven't even had sex 14 times! The Tigers are coming home with a new closer and an ice cold lineup. Who's confident? Greg Popovich loses his shit on Zaza Pachlulia, and Barron Trump's future is in … [Read more...]

Detroit Tigers Season Preview: Is The Window Still Open?

As the Major League Baseball season begins the boys in the old English D will look to make the playoffs after missing out the past two seasons. Expectations and hype are down in the Motor City for the Tigers, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t reasons to be hopeful for the 2017 season. In his first off-season as general manager, Al Avila shook up the roster a bit, but many … [Read more...]