Spinning The Wheels – A Gentleman’s 1, 1, and 1

This week, the boys get together to enjoy a couple of wins, but make sure to take time to decide which is better: Character Victories or Draft Position Losses? Steve recovers from a nap, Jason compliments Steve’s ability to remain calm in a situation he should be angry in, and Justin chimes in about ice time.


Spinning The Wheels – Hi This Is Justin, First Time Long Time

Franchise, Jason, and Justin (surprisingly in studio for this recording) get together to review an alarming result of games in the past week of Red Wings hockey. Jason attempts to fool two goalies into shouldering goal blame, Justin offers a sophie’s choice of defensemen, and Jason mixes up who is playing net in Vegas.

Out of Bounds Detroit Podcast Episode 136-Super Sperm for Zaza and Kawhi

Dan, Dave, and Mike open the show with the breaking news that Antonio Cromartie’s wife is pregnant AGAIN! The second time since his vasectomy and his 14th kid overall. Many of us haven’t even had sex 14 times! The Tigers are coming home with a new closer and an ice cold lineup. Who’s confident? Greg Popovich loses his shit on Zaza Pachlulia, and Barron Trump’s future is in question.



Washtenaw County Round 2: Anu Prakash vs Taryn Asher

The Michigan Sports Truth: Episode 253

Taylor Phillips and Ed Smith break down the sexual assault crime committed by former USA Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar, provide college football news, and recap results of college basketball, Pistons, Red Wings, and Tigers Spring Training and trade deadline updates for the Pistons and Wings. Also, 4 Tigers are competing for the center field position, and Omar Infante is not one of them. Finally, 5 Questions!

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