Lions SRD – Stafford Is Signed

In the latest edition of Lions SRD Ben and Marty discuss: Fallout from the third pre-season game (3:20), Lions made some cuts to the roster already (12:50), How will the Lions solve the lack of a pass rush; is it in house? (25:53), Stafford signs his extension (30:25).

Lions SRD – Packing for Rookie Training Camp

In this edition of Lions SRD, Ben and Marty get to catch up since Marty has been gone (1:00), the Lions cut two free agents before the start of rookie training camp, but bring in Matt Asiata (20:00), the Patriots tendered an offer LeGarrett Blount (24:30), how old is Ziggy Ansah really (31:00) Ansah getting contract advice from Ndamukong Suh (36:10), what does Brad Kaaya being a Lions mean (42:40).

Lions SRD – Preseason Game 1: Steel-ing A Game

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In the latest edition of Lions SRD Ben and Marty break down the Hall of Fame game that wasn’t, Eric Ebron’s injury, and the Lions’ week 1 showdown in Pittsburgh against the Steelers.

SRD Roadshow-Calvin Johnson’s Retirement Letter as read by the ladies of SRD

Here’s a segment from the roadshow from Saturday. Lacy reads Calvin Johnson’s Retirement Letter.

Lions’ Hire May Be Ford’s First Misstep

Martha Firestone Ford’s actions have appeared to not only be calculated, but a welcomed sight to fans as of late.

In early November, Ford forced two long time members of the Lions’ front office out on the street when she fired then General Manager Martin Meyhew and former team President Tom Lewand after a disappointing 1-7 start. From her 1:47 long press conference to Thursday, Ford walked confidently in her decisions.

Now, she might be walking on eggshells.

Instead of hiring from the outside the organization, Ford has turned inward for Meyhew’s replacement in Ron Wood.

Wood, 55, will oversee the business side of the organization and report directly to Ford. He previously served as the president and CEO of the Ford Estates, a position he held since 2007.

Detroit Lions Owner Martha Ford (Photo: Seth Wenig, Associated Press)

Detroit Lions Owner Martha Ford (Photo: Seth Wenig, Associated Press)

Prior to joining the Ford estate, Wood served as the executive vice president of wealth management for Wilmington Trust Co. and previously served in various executive positions at Comerica Bank.

“Rod’s familiarity with our organization in his role as president and CEO of Ford Estates and his accomplishments in the business world not only make him an ideal choice as team president, but will also help ensure a smooth and positive transition for our organization,” Ford said in a statement on the team’s website.

“It was critical to me and my family to fill the president’s position as soon as possible, provided we identified the right person. I am confident Rod is the right person.”

While that may be true, it leaves a sour taste for people who want a fresh start.

The Lions are notorious for keeping familiar faces around the organization when change should have been imminent.

There is the infamous story of Matt Millen convincing William Clay Ford Sr. of hiring Martin Meyhew as his replacement, and of course keeping Lewand after he was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving in 2010.

According to a police report, Lewand’s breath test came back at 0.21 percent about an hour after he was stopped for erratic driving.

While it’s very premature to judge Wood and the hire, it does leave you to wonder will the Lions get the hire of the next GM right?

Hopefully, the answer is yes.

That hope, however, dwindles into doubt with the announcement of an advisory firm to search for a general manager for the team. The advisory board is comprised of Ford family members and the team’s board that includes Ford, Martha Ford Morse, Sheila Ford Hamp, Bill Ford Jr., Elizabeth Ford Kontulis and Wood.

The Fords hold the right bower in a nationwide search for the Lions next GM.
According to the Detroit Free Press, the NFL has established a 10-person committee of former coaches, general managers and league personnel to help teams conduct coach and GM searches.

Ford said the Lions will evaluate the possibility of bringing on one member of the league’s advisory panel as a consultant in their GM search. It was also reported by the Free Press that three members of the panel, Ron Wolf, Ernie Accorsi and Charlie Casserly, have told the Free Press that they have not been approached by the Lions to assist in the search.

Pretty unsettling.

It’s unsettling because Ford herself said in a letter to the fans that they deserve better.

“Deserving better” does mean more than just providing lip service, and following through with your actions. Interim GM Sheldon White, who is another member of the Lions organization to survive the rash of November firings, should not be retained for this very reason.

You have resources at your disposal to provide the best search possible. Ford needs to use them fully and accurately to provide the best answer going forward. This means contacting the NFL’s committee and extracting their opinion and listening to it.

The biggest disservice the Fords can provide to its fan base going forward is to find another company man who has Honolulu blue and silver in their resume to fill a position of need.

Ford needs to stop dictating and start listening. The roar from the Lions’ throng of fans is for change. This is not a roar of change for the sake of change. It is instead a roar for fresh ideas and new faces.

The roar doesn’t need restoring in Detroit. The roar needs replacing.