Lions SRD – The Mighty (Glover) Quin Extension

Lions SRD staff reports back just in time for training camp as Ben and Marty discuss Glover Quin’s new extension (3:14), TJ Lang not on the PUP list and other players activated (9:40), Expectations on the season (11:45), Caldwell’s future (21:00), and Stafford talks about his contract and off-season workouts (27:30).

Lions SRD – Week 13 – Home Stretch For First

tate-golden-usnews-getty-ftr_m3lm14mm174r1l6n1cg8ur395Lions SRD is back as Ben and Marty discuss the Lions win over the Saints, Joique Bell is back with the team, Is Jim Caldwell’s seat still hot or not, Matt Stafford’s MVP push, and the last quarter of the season.

Lions SRD – Week 8 -Steering In The Wrong Direction

Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings (kdoebler/Wikimedia Commons)

Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings (kdoebler/Wikimedia Commons)

In this week’s edition of Lions SRD, Ben and Marty discuss the Lions loss to Houston in Week 8, Two major coaching gaffs from Jim Caldwell, The Johnathan Banks deal, Norv Turner cutting bait and more.

Lions SRD – Week 4: Un-Bear-able


Ben and Marty recap the Lions week 4 loss to the Bears, How Jim Caldwell’s job is on unsteady legs, Golden Tate’s benching, and more.


Brad Ausmus is Jim Caldwell


Is Detroit some kind of coaching twilight zone? Have we all fallen into some sort of mediocre coaching vortex? The recent and not so recent heat placed Brad Ausmus has faced is eerily similar to a situation we encountered in October with Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell. The pairs tenure in Detroit has taken them on parallel paths that can lead local fans to the same conclusion: Brad Ausmus is the Jim Caldwell of the Detroit Tigers.

Coaching the two most popular pro sports teams in the city of Detroit is no simple task, and these two guys are learning quickly that if you don’t produce now, there is no patience. The similarities between the two are uncanny over their short time in Detroit, and can be connected in a multitude of ways.

Let’s take a look at what connects Ausmus to Caldwell.

Organizational Changes

AusmusAusmus was hired in November of 2013, taking over for the newly retired Jim Leyland after the Tigers lost in four games to the Boston Red Sox in the ALCS. Just 72 days later, Jim Calwell was hired in January of 2014, after a disappointing 7-9 season under tiresome head coach Jim Schwartz. Both coaches started their run in Detroit in the 2014 seasons. During their hiring, there was a similar narrative: both men were intelligent, smart minds at their respective sport. They are mild mannered, calculated and not going to fly off the handle in the face of adversity. This was just the start of their similarities.

In their first seasons at the helm, Caldwell and Ausmus made the playoffs but failed to get their team to the second round. The Tigers were swept by the Baltimore Orioles in the divisional series, and the Lions were knocked off by the Dallas Cowboys in an NFC Wild Card matchup. The second season was not all roses for either man. Caldwell and Ausmus subsequently saw both general managers fired during the season, leaving questions as to whether they would be kept on under a new regime. Luckily for both, they kept their job under the first year general managers in Lion’s Bob Quinn and Tiger’s Al Avila. The coaches dodged the proverbial bullet that allowed for them to keep their jobs into their third seasons.

In Game Mistakes

In game mistakes has been a bugaboo for both coaches in their early Detroit career. It seems like every day there is a mistake made by either Ausmus
or Caldwell, depending on the situation. Caldwell’s ability to have zero idea how to manage the clock, call timeouts or run a timely trick play has Lions fans with a perpetual face palm in the last two minutes of a game. Ausmus, on the other hand, manages as if he has never heard of National League rules: when to pinch hit, who to hit or when to bunt. No, the Tigers don’t play in the National League but a manager still needs to make informed decisions. If it is Caldwell putting the wrong personnel on a Hail Mary or Ausmus pinch hitting into a walk, it is clear that their coaching decisions are rightfully scrutinized.

Fans are left staring blankly at their televisions on a game to game basis while watching their favorite team.

Media Relations

The Detroit media isn’t the most savage when it comes to roasting their own teams. Let’s be honest, this isn’t New York. In fact, some people in this town criticize the media for being too soft on organizations when they are failing to meet the standards of their loyal fan bCaldwellases. Ausmus and Caldwell are getting to know how taxing being a coach in Detroit can be.

Now that the Tigers are struggling in their first 40 games of the season, Ausmus can relate to Caldwell. After a 0-5 start for the Lions, Caldwell’s employment status became the hottest discussion in town. Every loss would compound the problem, starting the repetitive questions as to whether his job was safe. Luckily for him, Lions’ Offensive Coordinator Joe Lombardi, General Manager Martin Mayhew and President Tom Lewan were thrown on the grenade. Lions’ owner Martha Ford blew it up, cleaned house, saving Caldwell. This sounds all too familiar as to what is happening now with Ausmus. It seems like every day he is asked if he is on the hot seat. He has even admitted so much by stating he was “in the crosshairs”. Now it begs the question as to what the media was looking for in either case. Everybody gets it, sound bites and outlandish reactions are what the media lives for. But at this point, what was the media looking for them to say? “Why would my job be in question? We are doing great!” or “Yeah, I’ve been fired already. I am doing this media session for fun”. Both of these coaches have already become fickle in responding to the media and it is really no surprise.

Now in year three in their respective tenures, the questions still remain as to whether they will keep their jobs the entirety of the season. Ausmus is currently in the middle of a media firestorm that doesn’t appear to be dissipating any time soon. If Caldwell starts off poorly like last year, it will be the same song and dance for the man as last year.

Ausmus and Caldwell have remarkably congruent careers here in Detroit, only time will tell if their careers will die together like they were born together.