The Set Piece – 2.12 – What’s Beef?

The January transfer market got off to a hot start in 2018, just the way we like it at The Set Piece!  Liverpool has finally made a move towards defensive stability but also bid farewell to a talisman.  In France, PSG “desperately” needs Marouane Fellaini and we have the clips to prove it!
The crew also discusses Stoke City finally getting rid of Mark Hughes, Kyle Martino being problematic and a new segment to keep track of who Jose Mourinho has beef with this week.

The Sep Piece 1.7-Liverpool, La Ligue and Premier League action

The guys get together prior to the first Set Piece derby between Liverpool and Chelsea to talk about last week’s notable match-ups in the Premier League and the first week of group play in the UEFA Champions League.  

Paul Pogba is experiencing growing pains and Mario Balotelli strikes another heavy handed blow in his eternal battle with Jamie Carragher in his Ligue 1 debut match.