Weekly Fantasy Football SRD Week 3

Things heated up a bit in Week 2 as compared to the ice-cold Week 1, but not by too much. Several key players continued to disappoint, while others shook off their rough opening games. The Dolphins and Buccaneers were glad to be back, as they combined to provide eight double-digit scoring players, including a 13-catch day for Jarvis Landry, and a great showing from the Tampa … [Read more...]

Fanarchy: A Sh*t Show

We talk about Jim Carrey's bizarre interview,more fantasy beef,  Future Governor of Michigan Jenny K joins us to talk about her run for the Governor's mansion and what she will do for the citizens as Governor, Quise pooped near a dumpster, reaction to Trump attacking Jemele Hill, Week 2 picks, and we try and figure out what we have in our pants is worth. SUPER NSFW  … [Read more...]

Lions SRD – Two and Woah

In the latest edition of Lions SRD, Ben flies solo as Marty is on a bye week. Join Ben as he gives his thoughts on if the Lions are for real, and as he recaps the Monday Night Football game against the Giants. … [Read more...]

Lions SRD – Where The (Kasey) Redfern Grows

In the latest edition of Lions SRD, Ben and Marty digest and discuss the start of the season (1:50), The Lions defense causing turnovers (4:35), Kenny Golladay emerged from his silence in the pre-season (8:45), Greg Robinson and Rick Wagner's debut (16:31), The Lions still lack a run game (22:00), Miles Killebrew building off last year (24:50), The Giants looking very, very … [Read more...]

Lions SRD – Stafford Is Signed

In the latest edition of Lions SRD Ben and Marty discuss: Fallout from the third pre-season game (3:20), Lions made some cuts to the roster already (12:50), How will the Lions solve the lack of a pass rush; is it in house? (25:53), Stafford signs his extension (30:25). … [Read more...]