Fanarchy-Best and Worst of 2017

Quise and the gang celebrate the best and worst of 2017. (Explicit Language used)

Fanarchy-WG Massacre

Justin and new Wilson, Floyd, stopped as well as Mer joined us live. We make fun of Wilson for skipping out on the show to go on a totally heterosexual mandate to IHOP,  Rob Parker from the show ” FS1 Undisputed” joined us, The girls want botox, Hollywood SexGate, Lavar vs Trump, Ray Allen got Catfished, Week 12 picks and we imitate each other.

Explict Lanaguage used.

Fanarchy- Orphans

We have 2 orphans make a comeback, Quise tries and make sense of society, Angie’s Lesbian experience, National Anthem protests, and we get the happenings with Angie


Fanarchy-Forgotten Freshness 17.3

This is the Last Forgotten Freshness before we come back live on Saturday. We relive Angie’s first show, We do a sports Jeopardy and a music Jeopardy,Weird places you’ve gotten it in, Snap chat snitching, The man suing cause the Neighbor he paid to get his wife pregnant was sterile and Czech Fantasy See you Saturday Live the gang whole will be in and a lot to catch up on. (NSFW)

Over Under Fair: Red Hot Chili Peppers

The gang rocks out with their socks out as they dive deep into the legacy of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. California!