The Wrestling Fans – Alpha vs Omega

The Wrestling Fans once again walk down the aisle and step into the squared circle to discuss:

The lack of leadership within TNA/ Impact Wrestling (1:00)

Cody Rhodes is only defending his title against “jobbers” (12:50)

A Mike Bennett update (16:40)

Promotions using social media for promos (18:50)

The WWE released some performers (24:00)

Title’s changing hands on TV (28:50)

A WWE Diva might return to the ring (36:05)

Chris Jericho is spearheading Sea of Honor (38:53)

Jericho vs Omega (42:35)

The Wrestling Fans – Did The Mae Young Classic Live Up To The Hype

In the latest edition of The Wrestling Fans, Adam, Ben and Marty step into the squared circle to discuss the sudden passing of Bobby “the Brain” Heenan (1:37), Asuka vacating the NXT Title and joining the main roster (5:43), What’s next for Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly (10:53), Paige is rumored to be back in the WWE (15:18), The Mae Young Classic (20:50), Sexy Star going into business for herself (36:00), Roman vs Cena (43:15)

The Wrestling Fans – Who’s Your Daddy And What Does He Do?

After a delay the Wrestling Fans are back with a long episode before WWE Battleground. Some topics that the guys go over are: The big names in the Mae Young Classic, Jim Ross and Lita acting as commentary crew for the MYC. WWE dissolving tag-teams for storylines like Kurt Angle’s mystery son being unveiled this past week. Two retirement announcements from the wrestling world. Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly debut in NXT, Omega wins IWGP US Title, AJ Styles wins US Title at house show, Austin Aries released, and more

The Wrestling Fans – Billy Corgan’s Backlash

The Wrestling Fans step back through the ropes as they discuss: Billy Corgan buys NWA (1:50), X-Pac’s latest battle with his inner daemons (6:47), Braun Strowman’s injury (10:20), Cody Rhodes’ dream booking before he left the WWE (23:45), Scott Steiner’s lashing out to WWE (29:10), Ring of Honor and IWGP will share a championship belt (35:05), WWE Backlash predictions (41:05), Crazy Steve leaves TNA for NXT (55:20).

The Wrestling Fans — Thank You Taker A WrestleMania Redux

EDITORS NOTE: There are minor audio issues throughout the podcast. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Wrestling Fans return to the squared circle to rehash the showcase of the immortals WrestleMania (1:25), the guys give their favorite moments of The Undertaker’s career (49:00), Jim Ross’ return to the WWE for the next two years (1:06:00), The WWE announced a women’s wrestling tournament (1:11:00), Drew McIntyre signs with the WWE (1:16:30), The WWE roster shake up including announcers and more (1:20:00), and finally what was the best women’s era (1:23:55) in WWE history?