The Wrestling Fans – A Mid SummerSlam’s Night Dream

The Wrestling Fans step back through the ropes and discuss a PPV Contest Champion, Chris “Cyborg” wanted to fight Becky Lynch at SummerSlam (8:28), Shane Douglas added his two-cents to the Jason Jordan story line(12:35), WWE Bringing RAW and Smackdown Live to the Network (14:55), Tyrus from Impact playing chicken with his career (22:10), The PPV contest takes a turn (28:25), Ric Flair is still in critical condition (46:20).

The Wrestling Fans — Thank You Taker A WrestleMania Redux

EDITORS NOTE: There are minor audio issues throughout the podcast. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Wrestling Fans return to the squared circle to rehash the showcase of the immortals WrestleMania (1:25), the guys give their favorite moments of The Undertaker’s career (49:00), Jim Ross’ return to the WWE for the next two years (1:06:00), The WWE announced a women’s wrestling tournament (1:11:00), Drew McIntyre signs with the WWE (1:16:30), The WWE roster shake up including announcers and more (1:20:00), and finally what was the best women’s era (1:23:55) in WWE history?




The Wrestling Fans – Life In The WWE Fastlane

The Wrestling Fans return to the ring as Marty and Ben rehash WWE Elimination Chamber. The guys also rehash the recent deaths of the wrestling world (19:00) including George “The Animal” Steele, and who was recently ushered into the WWE Hall Of Fame Class (22:00), The debut of Emmalina (27:00) and Tamina (31:30), Brock Lesnar retiring from the UFC (34:00), John Cena potentially leaving (39:30), TNA’s really smart move with Matt and Jeff Hardy, and more (49:30), The Bullet Club’s newest member (1:11:00) and wrap up with WWE Fastlane predictions (1:18:00).

The Wrestling Fans – UK Recap/ Rumble Thoughts

WWE-UK-Championship-Belt-1This week The Wrestling Fans discuss Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka’s death, Mick Foley possibly leaving RAW, Michael Cole getting a promotion, Kurt Angle getting into the hall, the UK Tournament, and give their Royal Rumble final four.

The Wrestling Fans – Bring It To The Table

ringIn the first episode of 2017 The Wrestling Fans discuss: Jimmy Snuka’s murder charges dropped, Tye Dye Guy forced to change seats at Monday Night RAW, Anderson/Gallows pitch forming Balor Club upon Balor’s return, PTI-inspired ‘Bring it to the Table’ on WWEN, Broken Hardy recap episode higher ratings than TNA year recap, WWE rumored HOF nominees and more.