Pucking Around – Evander Kane’s Troubles, Vegas Rumors

This week, on Pucking Around, Steve and Jason discuss the top trade bait, Jagr’s decline, Jack Johnson’s situation, and the Vegas Golden Knights trademark case.


Pucking Around – Why, Arizona, Edmonton, and Galchenyuk, Why?

This week, on Pucking Around, Franchise and Jason dig in to Jason’s newfound inability to sleep, Franchise’s newfound inability to predict a team’s season (Arizona), Tampa Bay’s recent successes, and Arizona/Edmonton/Galchenyuk’s recent struggles.


Spinning The Wheels – Hi This Is Justin, First Time Long Time

Franchise, Jason, and Justin (surprisingly in studio for this recording) get together to review an alarming result of games in the past week of Red Wings hockey. Jason attempts to fool two goalies into shouldering goal blame, Justin offers a sophie’s choice of defensemen, and Jason mixes up who is playing net in Vegas.

SRD NHL Podcast-Who is heading to Vegas?

This week on the NHL show, Steve and Jason have a little fantasy draft for the Vegas Golden Knights, and discuss rookie scoring and Calder candidates.