Lions SRD – Packing for Rookie Training Camp

In this edition of Lions SRD, Ben and Marty get to catch up since Marty has been gone (1:00), the Lions cut two free agents before the start of rookie training camp, but bring in Matt Asiata (20:00), the Patriots tendered an offer LeGarrett Blount (24:30), how old is Ziggy Ansah really (31:00) Ansah getting contract advice from Ndamukong Suh (36:10), what does Brad Kaaya being … [Read more...]

SZILAGY: The Detroit Lions and What I’m Looking For…

by Ben Szilagy (@BenSzilagy) Football addicts and fiends have been waiting what seems like forever (really its just a few months) for a glimpse at what the latest edition of their NFL teams look like. If you’re a true diehard, you adhered to the NFL Network last night to start the IV drip to help you cope with your addiction. That’s all well and fine, I was there with … [Read more...]